A Quick and Easy Makeup Brush Cleansing Method

This sight, this very daunting pile of dirty makeup brushes, is a reality I face almost every week. It's no secret that I love beauty tools. More than actual makeup, tools excite me. I love seeing them in their different forms, shape, texture, and purpose. I enjoy collecting tools for convenience also because I have a habit of not using soiled tools. Because of that habit, I end up with a lot of brushes to clean come weekend.
If you're anything like me, then you know how enjoyable yet tiring it is to have to deal with so much "cleaning" on your rest day. Good thing beauty mavens Jenny and Celine of J and C Super Clean Solutions released the newest in-thing of brush cleansing. It's no ordinary brush cleaner, mind you. It's like wonder woman of brush cleansing--effective and powerful against stains! Unbelievable.
J and C Super Clean Solutions is Charm approved!
Keep your makeup brushes soft and pristine with this mild antibacterial solution fortified with spearmint essential oils.
Charm-approved, J&C Super Clean Solutions is THE makeup brush cleaner for you! Its intense cleansing ingredients can remove product from the basic powder brushes, and even to the most stubborn, hard to clean liquid foundation/stippling brushes, specially when used with liquid foundation and concealer!
Deep cleansing, and quick dry, this is the perfect complement to your makeup brushes for personal hygiene, and making your makeup brushes last longer on you! (From BeautyandMinerals.Multiply.com. Order Super Clean Solutions from this page!)
I took the time to share with you just how effective this brush cleaner is. 

Exhibit A. I am a sucker for white-haired brushes. While other people stay away from them like a plague--because they are difficult to maintain--I am attracted to them like moth to flame because of the very fact that they are high-maintenance. I like how white-haired brushes compel me to take matters at hand, the soonest time possible.

Exhibit B. I missed photographing a before photo, but below is my Bdellium Tools Yellow Bambu Foundation brush. Look how bright and bubbly it remains to be! Cleaning brushes used on liquid or cream cosmetics are always the hardest to do--but check out how one doesn't need deep-cleansing to remove stubborn liquid or cream residue!

Like I said, J and C Super Clean Solutions Makeup Brush Cleaner is Charm-Approved. At the intimate Blogger's dinner slash launch held at Manila Peninsula Hotel few moons back, we were given first-hand experience at how J and C Super Clean Solutions can really resolve those brush cleansing woes.

For my first try, I got a soiled Charm Liquid Foundation brush from Charm Travel Pro v.3, and cleansed away. For your convenience, here's a photo how-to as guide on optimizing cleansing with your Super Clean Solutions!

How to use J and C Super Clean Solutions Brush Cleaner

Impressed yet? Well, these faces below all are! You should definitely give the cleanser a try so you can be one of us--Super Clean Solutions converts! For Charm inquiries, visit here. To order your very own Super Clean Solutions, go to this page.

Congratulations to Jenny (farthest right) and Celine (farthest left) for an outstanding brush cleaner! Also to my MFEO Sophie (middle) for yet another launch of beauty tools to love.
Paparazzi shot.
How do you care for your brushes?


  1. me too...that reality is so hard..i usually cleaned them twice a week..thanks for the review~it seems a good product to try~


  2. Wow that's seriously all you have to do? Impressive!


  3. I really like these beauty collection.The great post about skincare products.May be its something batter for skin problems.

  4. I wash my brushes the same way, !


    1. you should inquire if they ship internationally!

  5. Thank you so much dear Kumiko for this post! I currently don't own any makeup brushes (le gasp!) but I ordered some from Sigma and need to know how to properly take care of them :)

    1. how is THAT possible??? anyway sigma brushes are a good investment! hope you enjoy them!


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