#Loving2013 giveaway (Open Internationally)

Many of you know that I'm VERY EXCITED for the coming year. Perhaps, it's the mere idea of getting over that flawed end of the world prediction that got me pumped up in the first place; but more than anything else, I'm always excited for new beginnings and fresher days.

With that, let me share with you more reasons to be excited about the coming year! Last year, I discovered this amazing organic powder from Wawaza and as a treat, I'm giving away three packs of FUNORI Organic Japanese Seaweed Hair Care Powder $24 (this product) for three lucky winners to try! I know some of you got so curious about it after I showed results on this post, so yes please enjoy and join the fun as we welcome more beautiful days to come!

What Funori does to your hair?
Restores hair damaged by coloring or perm
Brings out hair’s natural silky sheen
Makes coarse hair soft and manageable
Volumes up thin or limp hair
Treats split ends and dry hair
Supplies essential nutrients to hair and scalp
Known for reversing graying and hair loss

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  1. Excited with new semester in college >.<

  2. Excited to start my life post-university :)

    I'm logged into RC as Kate Ryan

  3. Political Science Council Elections. Hoping to win. =3

  4. more excited for my blog future lol

    visit my blog ^^

  5. I am excited to cook my own giveaways this year, to read more book reviews on your blog, to save more money and be able to take the State Board Exam for PT this coming year! :)

  6. I'm excited to starting a new job)

  7. I am excited for the new year!!

  8. What I am most excited about #Loving2013 is looking my baby boy growing up and learn totally to walk with control in speed and balancing!

  9. i'm looking forward to strike out things from my bucket list. i'm always excited to try new things.


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