Fountain of Youthful Glow

Few weeks ago I received sample mail from Fountain Cosmetics*. They sent me some samples of their products which you would see below. Since I only got to try samples, I can't really give you a full-pledged review of the Fountain Cosmetics products; but notable are the Actual Moisture, Cleansing Balm and Skin Exfoliant. :)

Actual Moisture is ideal for people who like me has combination to oily skin. Living in an unforgiving climate doesn't help address my problems with oil production so I'm pleased that Actual Moisture locks in moisture for my skin without causing breakouts or any irritation despite my skin's hyperactivity.

The Cleansing Balm on the other hand is a fragrance-free face cleanser that effectively rids the face of dirt and makeup without stripping the skin off with its much needed natural oils. Refreshing and thorough, this AHA infused cleansing balm also aims to smoothen the skin with continued use.

Last but not the least among my notable picks from Fountain Cosmetics is the Skin Exfoliant. A hardworking exfoliator that helps prevent buildup of dirt and dead skin cells on the surface making skin look more radiant and glowing.

Who is Fountain Cosmetics?

Designed using the latest, break-through ingredients with the most recent technologies; embracing the next generation of naturally derived, active ingredients, we welcome Fountain  – an Australian owned, Australian made Cosmetic Brand. (Source)

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