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Do you use makeup or skincare samples? I do! Especially when I travel around, I usually rely on my skincare samples because they are more economic than travel-sized bottles and tubes. But beyond an on-the-go reason, I love using samples because it gives me the chance to road test the product before committing to a purchase. All the more if we're talking about expensive products! Money doesn't grow on trees so we ladies better be sure with what we invest our hard-earned money on!

Currently, I'm using my Chanel sample set. This set came from Singapore when my mom went there with my sister and I guess they did a little shopping at the Chanel counter. From left is a mask, a nanolotion (a moisturizing toner, I assume), a concentrate (similar to a serum but a bit more thick) and an eye cream (my weakness).

These small tubes have been my skin's friend for the past week and I'm almost done with them (completely done with the toner), and so far my verdict is a resounding YUM for the concentrate and the eye cream. The mask, I'm not a huge fan of because I didn't really notice any improvement on my skin upon use. Of course, since I only have a few to work with, I will never know if in due time the mask will have more to offer for my face, but for now, with the samples I got to try, I can definitely say that the Sublimage Essential Revitalizing Concentrate and Fine Texture eye cream are worth buying!

Product sampling is not a big thing in the Philippines until late quarter 2012 when a big wave of Sampling boxes suddenly launched and wowed the local beauty market. However, what brings me a more elating feeling is a diamond among the beginnings of sample subscription boxes. I'm talking about Sample Room. Sample Room is not a sampling box where you subscribe and pay a fee to get samples. Sample Room's Try Before You Buy philosophy is completely free! It's an online beauty community that has very sophisticated taste, mind you, and compared to boxes that may sometimes disappoint you with their "surprise", at Sample Room, you have full control on the samples you get to try. You look for something, you choose what fits you, you pay only the delivery fee (which is very minimal) and voila, you get the beauty product that you actually want!
Visit the Partner Bloggers page please! Link below!

I was fortunate to be one of Sample Room's Partner Bloggers and it was so difficult to keep mum about Sample Room since our intimate Sample Room Partner Blogger dinner! I did, however, instagrammed some snaps from the dinner because it's impossible not to!
The pretty faces behind Sample Room!
To Try before you buy is the luxury Sample Room team is sharing with us all so please do head on over to Sample Room website and register to join in the exciting beauty fair. I have already reviewed the first sample I got from Sample Room and I can't wait to try more products and review more for you. The whole Sample Room experience is very engaging and what I just have to commend the community with, is in the quality of products they curate--and likewise--the quality of reviews that members give on the samples they got to try!

A stroll around Sample Room website is quite an informative one and I think, we are all at the prime of our live where informed decisions make or break us out, pun intended!

Have you joined Sample Room already? Which sample did you try/are you trying?


  1. Great products! ^_^
    Thanks for dropping by my blog! I really appreciate it :) Followed your blog already. Hoping you'll follow mine too :) Have a great day! :)

  2. This sounds so good! I wonder if it's available in the US!


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