RISINGSTAR#1 Beyond Bath Organics Sunflower and Grapefruit Cleansing Bar Soaps

With all the Earth Day hype I've been seeing, I just figured it's time to share with you a bath soap that I got last February. It's from Beyond Bath Organics and it is an all natural, alcohol-free and paraben-free bath soap. I'm not quite sure how many variants there are, but I got the Sunflower Gentle Bar Soap and the Grapefruit type.

The Beyond Bath Organics Sunflower Cleansing and Nourishing Bath Soap is made with Eco-certified ingredients and uses the nourishing and soothing benefits of aloe Vera and Sunflower extracts. It is also a vitamin-E enriched soap so we all know that's good treatment for the skin. Beyond Bath Organics eco-friendliness comes full circle as it partners with ABS-CBN Bantay Kalikasan foundation. Bantay Kalikasan means you're watching over/looking after nature/the environment. :) You might want to click the photo to enlarge it so you could check out the soap's ingredients list.

I think caring for your body using products that came from nature's bounties is the best way to go. Going green and natural does an astounding line-up of goodness beyond a single person. To begin with, supporting the eco-movement empowers people and groups to really make an impact to our already devastated planet. Also, supporting the eco-movement through sustainable and day-to-day choices enables each consumer (you! us!) to share an extra dose of kindness towards our body and our environment.

Of course, you all know how much I love sunflower. Well, this is how the soap looks like. I fancy how bright and yellow it is! :) Sorry that it's a bit damaged though.

I'm also very pleased that Beyond Bath Organics soaps come with a freshness seal. See, that's my problem with many natural products sold in the market. They don't usually come with freshness seals--and I'm always uncomfortable when a product is unsealed. I think, and this goes of utmost importance especially for brands that are paraben-free because they lack that added oomph of chemical preservatives, always ensure your customers that what they are getting from you are of best quality. The least the preservatives in a product, the betters; but with power comes great responsibility, right? Work on the seal and make sure to always have a clear indication of your product's manufacturing and expiry date.

Like I said, I also got the Grapefruit soap. Compared to the Sunflower bar, the Grapefruit variant is more on revitalizing the skin and body.

If you ask me, and I must be very biased here, I like the Sunflower soap more. How about you? What natural and organic soap would you recommend?



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  1. The packaging is pretty vintage, i like!! hehe..^_^~

  2. There's an organic soap I've tried from Island Basics. It's okay. Doesn't do anything spectacular but scent is amazing.

    The packaging is so earth-friendly ah :)

  3. the grapefruit one sounds like it would smell really awesome! it's usually hard to go wrong w/grapefruit haha. sunflowers make me really nostalgic cause my aunt bought me one for the craft store when i was a kid, i thought it was the prettiest thing ever and it got me into a drawing-sunflowers phase (:

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  5. Here is a decent soap...why don't you just go back to this one. The only bad thing is that palm kernel oil is not being harvested in a sustainable way... at least the palm oil that comes from Africa. But it's better than tallow.


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