REVIEW: Snoe EMU.thology

I am over the moon with this product. It's named magically; the packaging's very classy; the product works and offers multiple skin care benefits; and last but not the least, it's a premium Pinoy-made product. I'm talking about Snoe's Emu.thology. It's among Snoe's top quality products... and if you've been living under a rock, you might want to read about Who Snoe is here. They're quite popular because of their wide range of beauty soaps, but little should you know, they have more than soaps to offer.

Packaging wise, when I check out my Snoe Emu.thology glass bottle, I already give it credit. I really love how simply designed the product packaging was. I also love the play of words. I'm a huge mythology fan, and Emu.thology is no exception. I'm a fan of this product because it works--so efficiently!

Snoe Emu.thology is made with high-grade Pure Emu oil but it doesn't stop there. This great skin elixir also has the wonders of super anti-oxidant Acai Berry and skin whitening Singkamas. Although I'm not a huge fan of skin whitening products, since I use my Emu.thology for my under-eye circles and my horrid knee scar (I had a horrible, and I mean horrible, wound on my knee--three wounds actually); I appreciate the whitening agent. I've been using my Emu.thology on the scar for almost two weeks now and I'd be updating you in a month or so so you could check out yourself if this product works or not.

For the under-eyes however, I can pleasantly share that it does! As you may have heard, I've used up my favorite eye cream from Kiehl's just recently and it was Snoe's Emu.thology that took that empty space in my skin care routine.

Emu.thology's consistency is rather thick for an oil but surprisingly it isn't sticky. Like any other pure grade oil, it takes a while for Emu.thology to be absorbed by the skin; but given enough time, it does get absorbed quite well. No sticky shiny nonsense left, just brightened skin.

I only need to use just a drop of this product for both left and right undereye application. In fact, one pump of this product is also enough to cover my scar. What I do is, I pump a dot of Emu.thology, swipe a little on my right undereye, then my left, then whatever's left at the backside of my palm (where I pump the product), I wipe all over my scar. It's such a practical and economic product! It's not yet available online, but you can check out other Snoe Beauty oils on their super spankin' cute webstore: Another Snoe oil I've tried is their Happy White Ever After oil which I reviewed here.

I am over the moon with this product. Last night, I bought an Olay eye lifting serum just because I am planning ahead what eye product to review after a month's use of Snoe's Emu.thology (I want to use the rest of the product for my scar... I am just giving it a month for my eyes) But when I got home, I can't even bring myself to switch from using my Emu.thology to the "proper" eye serum from Olay. Not that the Olay serum is bad... I just feel a strong contentment with Emu.thology. Surely, there are tons of great products out there, but you know you've found THE ONE for you if you just can't seem to bring yourself to turning your back to it. That's how amazing Emu.thology is to me.

So would I recommend it? The answer is pretty obvious. How about you, any Snoe experience you would like to share?

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  1. This sounds like an interesting product. I've never thought of using an oil for the eye area though. I've always thought it would be too heavy for the delicate skin there.

    1. Truly. I dont find any problem using oil such as this one around the eye area cause it "behaves" more like a serum. :D Didn't experience any allergic reaction or anything too :)


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