LIFE: Making friends online through swapping.

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As many of you know, I'm an advocate of swapping. I think finding common ground (shopping, beauty, cute stuff, etc!) and pursuing an opportunity to share personal favorites makes swapping such an enjoyable activity. Made friends because of it, and I enjoy it so much, I have three boxes pending for sending. Two of which are actually complete already, just have to finish bubble wrapping things.

If you'd like to learn more about swapping, please check out this post.

I know a lot of people are disheartened by the postal charges involved in swapping, but like many things, you can't put a price on the joy and fulfillment you can get out of making someone happy (and allowing someone to "inflict" the same happiness on you). With that said, let me just share that one of my readers from Singapore emailed me with her interest to swap... I agreed and weeks after that one email that dare to bridge the international gaps, my older sister who is visiting SG right now got to meet with her! Believe you me, I am very jealous that they got to meet! I should be in Singapore too!!

Much much love Krystal darling. I hope you liked the goodies I had my sister hand deliver to you... and I'm so excited to know what you surprised me with! :) I still have a lot of your loot with me and I'd send them through mail. Just pleased that the fragile ones are safe and sound in your loving arms. :)

Before I end this post, let me just share what I was doing while Krystal, my swapmate/friend, was having a blast with my older sister! I'm so jealous, surely, but I did enjoy braiding my hair to beat the summer heat!

Please let me know what you think of my hair color! I'm just starting to learn this braiding business and it's quite fun! Here are a few more braids I shared via Facebook.
Double side braid.
Katniss braid.

Also, please visit this feature on Floral Braids. Thank you!


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Like this post if you love making friends!


  1. aww I love making friends too, it look so fun :D

  2. love your hair colour!! its gorgeous x

  3. OMG BRAIDS <3 I love how they look so neat ;) I really wish I can braid my own hair :/ You hair color looks nice by the way ;) something I'd totally go for!

  4. Katniss braid! I tried out that style on myself a week ago :) Yours look much better than mine though. haha

    Karen @

  5. ZOMG, I looked weird in that photo! :/
    I'm gonna get more stuff for you and mail it out by next week! :D
    Exam's coming:(


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