FEATURE: Beauty On the Go (polish and brushes)

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Don't you just love it when a nail polish captures your outfit's colors? 
Apologies because this photo was taken months back and I knew flat zero about polish so my application then was thick and weird. haha

My nails are shorter in the picture as I seem to have forgotten all about it. Anyway,  I'm wearing Caronia's On the Go, which is one of my top favorite shades from a local brand. I spoke about it on this post. It's the first polish from right of this picture below.

Speaking of being "on the go", let me share with you some thoughts on Real Techniques brushes... and why they are wonderful for travel! Summer is of course a season meant to bring people outdoors so any beauty freak should benefit from finding a light and compact brush set! You can never go wrong with quality brushes! It is but essential!

Above are Real Techniques brush sets given to me (surprised even!) by Sneakerette. I hope I did not forget, but I did send over an On the Go bottle for you! I just love love love beauty tools and Real Techniques is among the top-raved brushes worldwide so I got so pumped to have a hand on their brushes! I got the starter set and the core collection. Below I'll give you five reasons why these two are perfect for "on the go" beauty.

Reason #1 It comes in a slim brush case. It's not as bulky as other sets' brush cases and despite it being slim and compact, it's not flimsy at all! It's like a "hardcover" brush case.

Reason #2 It can even stand on its own! The brush case can fold in half and support the brushes upright! This makes an "on the go" vanity area! Also helpful in drying brushes or storing used brushes when at a hotel.

Reason #3 The brushes can multi-task... effectively. The Core Collection, which features four face brushes,  are ideal for both wet and dry make-up application. This means the brushes can go from dry mineral make-up to foiling to cream blushes, to liquid foundation to cream shadows, to BB creams, to compact powders, to mineralized blushes, to loose powders to concealers, to uhm yes, the list pretty much goes on and on.
Spanking new brushes! From L-R: Contour brush, Pointed Foundation brush, Detailer brush, Buffing brush.
I personally love using the buffing powder to not just buff powder [doh] but also to dust off highlighting powders all over the face [cue in Guerlain Meteorites]; while I just adore how the contour brush doesn't break and ruin my Maybelline Bouncy blush! The pointed foundation brush works amazing as a liquid foundation applicator and as a large concealer brush. Because it's pointed, you can still get into the corner areas (ie. inner under eye, nose contours).

Reason #4 The Starter Set makes novice-friendly smokey eyeshadow tools. I also just love how it came with a delightful brow brush and the most amazing Pixel-point eyeliner brush. Perfect for pictures? This set has multi-tasking brushes also, take the crease brush for example, it also works wonderfully as a blending brush, not just for your shadows but also for your cream/wet concealers!
From L-R: Deluxe Crease brush, Base Shadow brush, Accent brush, Pixel Point Eyeliner brush, Brow brush.
Reason #5 The brushes are very easy to maintain! They are easy to clean, they don't shed, the body is top  quality (you can see and feel the quality of the body, how it's grip-friendly and is just beautiful to look at!), they don't bleed and they don't loose shape!

All in all, I love my Real Techniques brushes not just because I am predisposed to love make-up brushes... but also because they are really cool to work and play colour with.

How about you? Any Real Techniques thoughts?


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    1. Caronia polish is available in the Philippines while Real Techniques is available mostly in UK/US. Not so sure. :D

  2. Replies
    1. Have to agree w you. nAnd they are quite durable too!

  3. The Real Techniques brushes are just so adorable! :P

  4. On the Go is also one of my faves from Caronia :D

    1. cool! im not surprised cause it is such a fun and easy color to work with


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