NAILS: Ultimate PinkTana

Before anything, check out my hair for the day! Please like the photo post here.

When I uploaded my almost goodbye Colour and Go post, I seriously considered making a farewell Nail post for the darling lacquers so here's one of the two I should be making. For this post, I'm using Essence Colour and Go in Ultimate Pink with Wet n Wild Hannah Pinktana. My reason for the combination is this... my Essence polish has gotten too thick and imperfect so I had to remedy the outcome with a coat of holo-iffic polish and figured, Hannah Pinktana would be perfect for this.

After doing the combo, I realized, hey, this combo made my neon bright polish (so not work friendly), quite work-friendly. Now it's muted, less neon and more magenta cum purple which I don't find troubling at all. I do wish I can sample with you Ultimate Pink on its own but I wouldn't want to shame it with a streaky swatch; and I hope you enjoy the combo I cam up with! Let me know what you think!

Speaking of pink, don't forget to check out this post to know more about Etude House' upcoming Pink Party THIS WEEKEND. I have another Hannah Pinktana combo here and here.

LOL at this car. Take note, I photographed this parked car at one of the old churches I visited in Ilo-Ilo!! Seriously??? LOL

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Like this post if you think the Hello Kitty car was ludicrous!


  1. Gorgeous nails, as usual! Girl, get you some nail polish thinner and put in that Essence nail polish! Will thin it out to normal again!

    Heh, my niece would loooove that car!

  2. That nail polish color is so pretty!

  3. Oh my golly! Your hair looks amazing! hehe I love braiding my hair too, gonna try this. amazing !

  4. i love the combo you did here! the shimmer looks so prettyyy!
    omg *facepalm* that poor car.. -__-

  5. That's such a great braid! And LOL at the car.

  6. your hair looks gorgeous kumi and your nail is so hello kitty-ish. hehe :D

  7. Love the hair! Love the nails! Hope I can style my hair like that.

  8. Wow, I love those braids! <3
    And I liked how the color combo turned out as well. :D

  9. OMG! Who drives that car! LOL. Someone is a serious HK fan. I did not know your hair was that long. You did a great job braiding it. I'm not good at braiding my own hair, I'm messy at it. I do like the polish combo! Pink is pretty all year round.

  10. wow that hair. And the nail color is so pretty - perfect with the car! The lucky person who owns it)



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