BOOKREVIEW#49 Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close

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I think it's safe to say that like any other book lover out there, I am slightly indifferent when it comes to books turned into movies. To begin with, I try to avoid book editions of movie adaptations--which becomes unexpectedly inevitable if you find out of a book too late cause normally, if a book scores a movie, almost all the books sold becomes its "movie edition" (ie. Eat Pray Love, wouldn't you just love to have the book edition that doesn't feature Julie Roberts on the cover? I mean, she's beautiful and great and all, but the original cover with the rope and pasta pieces would be great! Same with any Nicholas Sparks book. I'd be more than pleased to own a Nicholas Sparks book with the "nature" shot instead of the lovebirds actor and actress hugging or whatever photo.)

I also uncontrollably lower my standards and expectations when seeing movie adaptations of novels. I share sentiments of "the movie's not as great as the book" but also want to give movies a chance. Since I know they are a different medium anyway and targeted at a slightly different audience too! So as if by instinct, I require myself to first read a book before seeing its movie version. Often I get to comply to these self-regulations; sure sometimes I fail (ie. the movie is too intriguing and the book counterpart is sold out--it happens) and I found that it's always best that way. With that let me share with you a few reasons why upon reading Jonathan Safran Foer's Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close novel, I just can't wait to watch the movie! I reviewed a Foer edited anthology here, kindly check it out.

Extremely Loud is an assortment of family relations story. On a personal level, I can't get enough of father-son plots as I grew up without a dad. Maybe I'm subconsciously scarred to have a thirst of it, I don't know, but I have come to terms that I am peculiarly more sensitive and inclined to liking father-child stories because it's a dynamic that I am unfamiliar of. It's like a fascination over adventure titles because one is living in a box.

Extremely Loud as a book, offers an adventure read. It isn't a flat novel and you would know upon opening the pages what I mean about this. It has unique features that effectively (and surprisingly) would take you within the realms of the characters search for meaning; which is both an exciting and a refreshing aspect of the Extremely Loud journey.

Extremely Loud is about characters you are bound to love, hate, and understand. The characters from the novel tugged upon my brain's emotional cortex so strongly that I found myself hunger for each page--not solely because I want to know what would happen to each of them; but more on because I want to know what happened why they are so. I like people (real and fictional) and I find myself extremely fascinated by human behavior and experience. Extremely Loud plays heavily on this. It serves the past, the present and the future. It will not leave you  pulling a Hazel Grace of The Fault in Our Stars

Extremely Loud is a picturesque novel. It is a full circle approach to how people are affected by people, by their environment, by uncontrollable life circumstances (ie. traumatic accidents or regrettable decisions), and more. In a way, Extremely Loud is a complicated story of interconnected lives; but if you look at it Incredibly Close, it's a simple story of a boy who braved to understand the world beyond his own.

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  1. Hmm. Interesting, Tom Hanks usually picks good movies to do. I'm interested in the why rather than the what as well.

    I did a half mani post I think you might be interested in because I show how I get crisp lines between polish colors.

  2. Thanks for this! I've been looking for new books for my 2012 Book Challenge, and I'm running out of books to read. :)


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