NAILS: Summer Glaze

Like this post if orange is a color you're considering for the season.
Because brightly colored everything is great this season, I have been painting my nails like crazy. I fancy that it's now legal to wear bright lacquer on a daily basis... but the loud colors need a rest this week. I tried wearing a nude polish but figured they are not my thing so I scooped out this lovely Etude House nail color that has a very light hint of orange/peachy and holo in it (which is impossible to capture on camera, apologies).

It's very light and pastel, it's almost white, but thank goodness to its hint of orange/peach, it ends up like a glaze. I am wearing four coats (that's a lot of coat, I know) because the polish is extremely sheer! This polish, which is the shade #32 among their fancy nail polish range, is a great french manicure polish too! It looks super with any top coat so I really like it because it shines against the sun (and our native curtains).

Indoor light.

So sophisticated. I love it. How about you, what polish do you wear when you want to rest from using bright nail colors?

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Like this post if orange is a color you're considering for the season.


  1. I've been painting my nails like crazy, too :)

  2. Pretty, pretty!

  3. yep, it's good to take a break from the crazy once in a while! i love how this one gives your nails such a nice healthy sheen of color (: i have plenty of colors for those days where i need a break, but i never feel like wearing them! i love my colors too much :3

  4. Hi Kumiko!
    When I want to take a break from bright nail polishes I opt for a nail treatement which looks like a nail polish but it isn't. It looks pink and pearly and it's called Pearl Shine (Avon). I have it right now on my nails because they are extremely fragile these months...

  5. Happy Easter to you!

    I like to wear greys and and light pinks when I need a "break" from bright colors, although that's rare for me.

  6. OH I like this polish, we don't have Etude house here. It looks great!

  7. I have a Nature Republic polish in brown and it totally looks sophisticated and calm. This looks very classy, Kumi ;)


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