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Hello Sunshine! I figured, since it's the first Tuesday of a new season, I should best spend today by sharing a little bit of myself to you. Because, there's nothing more fun than have you also open yourself up to me, I hope you wouldn't mind answering the five questions used for this post as questions for your commenting too! I would really love to know more about you.

I don't think I can stress this enough on this humble page, the name LovingSunshine roots itself from my love for brighter things--sparkling thoughts, silver linings. When I started blogging, and that's via other weblogs, I used my blog as a page for venting. My teenage soul considered blogs as a venting machine, and most of my peers did so as well. However, as the web of emotional blogs on my reader started to thicken, I realized the number of "negativity" thrown out in this world wide web we all share is enough for a generation to feed on.

Shortly after, I was given the opportune moment to re-imagine a future where I decided to instead be a channel of good snippets. That no matter how grandiose the competing spectrum is, my new blog would be a hub for good things that happened and good wishes I hope to come. So LovingSunshine emerged from the ashes--considerable because my metaphor are sunflowers and shooting stars, both of which grow more beautiful towards the light, and are made more fierce by the burning closeness towards the burning sun.

Music and art inspires me. Talented expressions and soulful thoughts move me. Despite the harshness of reality, I think there are greater stories to live for among the fissures, and I am inspired by the glimmer of hope in possibly digging through these stories--if not becoming part of this grander scheme of things.

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I am afraid of a lot of things. To the point that sometimes, I think I live in my fears because they are just so many. But, I find courage in a lot of things too. I always strive to be more off the latter, a knight or a warrior of light, if I may; but I'm not perfect, and I share my weak days. The key to these shortcomings I suppose is the willingness to be better. To learn and to not make the same mistakes again. I talked more about my fears on this post should you wish to learn in detail some of my ghosts.

Because I always feel anxious, and because I always try to be and make the most of every possible minute that I can make use of, whenever I am given a choice, whether to move or stand still, I always feel inclined to choose to stand still. I find pleasure in movement, both when I'm the subject or I'm just a spectator. Given the things I'm going through right now, and the number of books I wish to devour, I would really love a staycation. Of course, granting an amazing company, I would always be willing to go forth and explore the beauty of this world and the cultures that make it more colorful and vivid; but if I should just be alone, in the comfort of my heart's beating against my shirt, I would really appreciate a cozy staycation.

Just how my beloved Belle de Jour planner predicted, this year is indeed Limitless. It has only been three months in this year of opportunities and so much tumbling and twirling already transpired. Some of the things that happened in my 2013 have left me disheartened and weakened, but as days close and new mornings open up, I am given little strong reasons to continue fighting for the things I value the most: my family, my dreams and my principles.

My family is my top priority this year and I should challenge the limits that define what can make and break me for them. My dreams have been set aside for quite a while, sadly for a wasteful reason as I have uncovered early this year, but there were lessons learned along the way and this 2013, I shall go beyond my limit to continue burning with passion. My principles define my heart and soul and no matter what happens, I shall not betray these values I was reared with. In the arms of my love, light and tenderness, I think 2013 has been a very limitless year so far. There are more days to come, and I am excited to face it with my plans laid out with the glorious guidance of equally treasured strength and dignity, my torch towards this limitless adventure. To learn more about Belle de Jour, visit the BDJ Facebook fanpage.

How about answer the questions through the comments?

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  1. You a very sweet person, Kumiko!
    I'm going to join you by answering your questions with pleasure.
    1) The name of my blog is "Valens.. per voi" (Valens for you)... I was with my sister and I explained her that I was searching for a simple name then she gave me a suggestion,the name describes what I do, I talk to other (even if I don't receive a lot of reactions ahaha). :D
    2)Dreams and nature inspire me the most. There's nothing better than a walk through a contryside street to get good vibrations!
    3)When I was a child I was scared by the death, then I've realized that is simply a point in the circle of life. Negative and jelous people frighten me now.
    4)I'm tired of staying at my home city... I'm ready for an adventure. A little one is enough.
    5) So far, 2013 is quite, quite... plain.

    Have a great day, see you soon on the net.


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