BOOKREVIEW#76 Write Here Write Now by AA Patawaran

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Hello Sunshine! Do you spring clean? Because I do. It's odd to call it that because in the Philippines we only have sun or rain, but ever so often, typically when a new month or quarter begins, I clear out my cabinets and drawers and try to "reboot".
Goodbye winter days.

Few days ago I chanced upon a stack of old papers from college. It was pretty nostalgic to see some college what-nots because dun dun dun dun, college is approximately four years ago! I know that's not a lot, considering, but when I reread the articles I wrote, they sounded like a different person talking! With that realization I figured it would be interesting to revise a poem (a stanza rather) that I submitted to my Creative Writing class (approximately five years ago).

Moving Mountains
a stanza submitted for a CW10 class during my UP college years.

Two points in a paper's separate end

Brought closer by proper folding
Described who I am and who she was--
Together, impossible.

My professor commented that I did a good job, but that the first line could be better. And there were some scribbles probably made by a classmate, with hopes to improve the first line: "Two points at the end of the world" and "Two points, one paper".

I didn't really work on the poem after the mild critiquing I received, but five years after I decided to give it another go. I hope my alterations would indeed signify growth!

Over the edge
a moronic approach to's spirit of "Chase Beautiful Things"

Two points, one paper
ends stained by
sky, electric and reaching
closer with folding time
drew name from songs
mine explores but, this
togetherness impossible
chased beautiful lies.

So change, internal or external, plays a huge factor on the products of our hands, minds, mouths. I guess if we continue with movement, we can never settle with a work. Sometimes even the most perfect sculpture translates into a different emotion when the eye which judges its shape changes its way of looking at things. So is there satisfaction in writing? Or is there just motion?

Late last year I read (and thoroughly enjoyed) AA Patawaran Write Here Write Now, a pulsing set of pages straight from a writer who sees words as dancers on a stage. Writing and reading, both pleasures of worlds unknown, are seemingly gods of time and emotion within Write Here Write Now. For a frustrated writer, for a crucified artist, for a dallying name, Write Here Write Now is a shocking punch in the form of a minimally framed printed page. I learned a lot from reading his book. I hope I would be able to explore much of the lessons too.

From serial commas to regarding a blank and blinking page, Write Here Write Now is a dartboard that features only a bull's eye. There was no time lost in the hours spent frolicking by its edges. There could be no better way of loving words and the labor and turmoil of living in, with, for, through and by them.

What kind of a writer/reader are you?

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  1. It took five years pa talaga K to revise it! Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the book I might get a copy! =D


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