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Hello Sunshine! Have you ever had your heart broken? Because if you do, or know someone who has gone through such a difficult emotional turn-around, then you know how high walls are built the next time someone else comes a-knockin. I think it's just human nature, to be a bit more guarded (sometimes a lot!) after experiencing something painful. It's something we live through, or grow with, I suppose. And as life changes us, we are changed for the sake of living a good life too.
Our scared puppy!

Same goes with our hair. If you color, perm, straighten and even just style (especially if using heat) regularly, then you should know that in the world of locks, that's tantamount to some sort of blow. The blows, as they usually come in succession, often times take a toll on our beautiful strands come later on.

So today I'm happy to share with you a golden indulgence for our equally regal crowning glory, the new range of Kérastase Elixir Ultime featuring a beautifying masque and sublime cleansing oil shampoo. These two new products arrived in time for our golden sunkissed skin, and no doubt, would be a must-have of every corner for that epic beautiful voluminous luxuriously soft locks, whatever the season.

1. Sublime Cleansing Oil Shampoo P 1,483
This daily cleansing formula, with its high concentration of precious oils, removes impurities and offers deep, gentle care, without weighing down the hair. Its delicate texture lathers instantly into a generous foam which leaves an enchanting perfume throughout the hair. The hair is deeply nourished. It is left incomparably light and radiant.

2. Beautifying Oil Masque P 2,708
Applied weekly, this formula, a deep infusion of precious oils, offers normal hair an outstanding nourishing treatment. Its creamy texture and sensual fragrance leave the hair soft and subtly perfumed. Fully replenished, the hair is left deeply nourished.

When oil becomes gold 

I'm sure you've heard about luxurious cosmetics and skincare products catapulting themselves to being cult-favorites because of the star ingredient, gold. Gold, rich and extravagant, has gained a strong following for its potency in terms of nourishing the skin. Now, more than ever, gold becomes part of every counter's beauty troves as Kérastase takes inspiration from the purest and most precious nature of gold. As with 24 carat gold, Kérastase turns hair into a unique and delicate material with an exclusive core formula of four highly concentrated precious oils:

a. Pracaxi oil: originating from Amazonian regions, it is known for its anti-oxidant benefits. It enhances hair shine and nourishment.
b. Argan oil: one of the rarest oils in the world, it is prized for its reparative and regenerative properties. It helps to keep the hair light and supple.
c. Maize oil: rich in vitamins A, E and Omega 6, it is extracted from Central American maize-germ. It nourishes the hair, offering shine, softness and protection.
d. Camellia oil: Native to Central and Eastern Asia, it is the most fragrant and luxurious of the oils. It gives magnificent shine and suppleness to the hair and helps to smooth the hair fibre. 

What's your favorite hair product?

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