Juicy Summer Flavored Lips

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Hello Sunshine! I just recently rediscovered my long-term affair with the moon. How this bulging light transforms the scariest and even dullest nights to something else--something more riveting, memorable and glorious than time spent for a shut eye.
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Of course, when you say magical, I always end up thinking of a parallel life, a little something my escapist gene just can't rub off. This summer, just when things around me detach and reveal themselves, I sit and watch how life falls into place. More than anything, I try to visualize a world of pleasantries. Enchanting dreams of an escape from the busy life; sweet, colorful and tropical fusions sweating on a tall glass on your hand; upbeat music drumming gently on both ears; and the sun kissing your skin; ahh... these are the makings of a picturesque staycation. These images then draw a smile, so real and delicious, perfect to coat with Nivea lip care products.

I grew up loving Nivea products. I even have this theory, that any beauty maven started their adventure into color through the timeless Nivea Cherry! That daring juicy red tinted lip balm that stained my high school lips through troubles and life-changing lessons. How can I ever forget? Perhaps, you started with the Cherry too.

Today, I pay tribute to the Nivea lip care products that began this venture of mine, many many years back. To date, I still trust the brand for delicious and captivating flavors and colors for the lips. Surely, my five summer lip balms below will help you understand why.

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Tell me, what was your FIRST ever lip balm?

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  1. i'm using the strawberry,i really love how it moisten my lips and light color.

  2. I think my first lipbalm was Vaseline-petroleum jelly. Haha... Funny! I haven't tried Nivea before... maybe I should :)

    1. You should! I'm currently super hooked on Soft Rose!

  3. hello!

    I’m following your blog, on GFC, facebook and BLOGLOVIN.

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    I hope you’ll visit my blog too.


  4. Nivea is my first lip balm I ever tried!


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