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Hello Sunshine! “There is no going otherwise to my intensity,” says I few days ago. It was due to a sudden realization that my emotional swings are either a high or a low. How when I open my eyes to allow them to twinkle, they burn. Because I’m passionate over the things I’m passionate about—or simply because I’m intense—which is how I like to do things.

Speaking of intensity, may I just say it has been so hot lately? Summer is truly upon us. Few nights ago, we were watching the evening news over dinner and it is now advised to take in twice as much glasses of water (15, instead of just eight) to stay hydrated in our current summer weather. Good thing I love drinking water so I’m not taken aback by that!
Thank you Pevonia Skincare Philippines for the mention!

Today, I want to share how I updated my skincare regimen to match the scorching season so you too can pick up some tips and ideas on how you can revamp your summer skincare--without breaking the budget! 

1. Bake but don't burn! Use an after-Sun skincare treatment after much sun exposure! 
Nivea Sun Cooling After Sun Spray with Aloe Vera* (Extra Cooling) $10
2. Smile all day! Avoid and heal dry chapped lips with an intensive lip balm that has an intense cooling sensation too! Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm* with SPF 25, Shea Butter and Vitamin E $.7.50
Read my review of this lip balm here.

3. Keep your makeup, don't melt away. Use a hardworking face primer under your makeup so you don't melt away under the sun. Benefit the Porefessional* $12

4. Tame your hair and wear waves like the rolling sea's your foam to declare. Protect, nourish and care for your locks with a hair serum that can work all day long and overnight too! Human Heart Nature Hair Serum with Sunflower, Soybean and Broccoli oil approx $6.25

5. No reason to skip on moisture! Hydrate your thirsty skin without the stickiness of heavy creams. Celeteque Hydration Hydrolyzed Moisturizing Mist* approx $8.75

What's your summer skincare must-have?

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