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Hello Sunshine! How is your April turning up so far? Mine has been a week full of crashing waves, promising opportunities and graceful changes, all of which I know I can only face head on, with a heady heart and a strong will. Life happens every day and how we make each day happen for us is part-fate, part-action.

Last Saturday, I was able to meet some readers and share a beauty class I hosted with Shiseido Philippines as a generous partner. It was held at Shiseido Shangri-la branch. And today, ever-so-quickly, I want to share the three beauty lessons fortified in my system, thanks to the fresh perspective given by Shiseido team.

1. A proper cleansing regimen is the key to preserving your skin. It’s not just about choosing the right product for your skin type. It’s also about the proper application of the cleansers, serum and creams that would determine the best out of your regimen. When applying anything onto the skin, always remember not to pull the skin, especially around the eyes, as this gesture would encourage sagging. Keep the strokes gentle and maintain an upward motion as much as possible. Imagine each time you cleanse as a “face lift” session.

2. In makeup, your foundation can make or break your masterpiece. This is why in Shiseido makeup, they always come up with premium liquid foundations and powders for the fresh, flawless and perfected complexion. When applying liquid foundation, it’s always best to start with the larger regions of the face, that is the cheeks and the forehead. Apply with a light hand, and build up the coverage by packing on the foundation lightly as you go. Layering light foundation will help prevent caking at the end of the day. If you started with a liquid foundation, it’s best to pat a light layer of powder onto the face, focusing on oilier regions (the T zone), after a few seconds, giving your skin time to absorb the liquid foundation before pressing on powder.

3. Because our theme for a day was a summer bronzed look, the star beauty tip shared with the class was the use of bronzers. When you’re having a pale day but wouldn’t want to reach towards your peaches and pinks, a bronzer is an ideal choice to warm up the face and make it look more lively and even, sculpted. When applying bronzer, the darker you go, the more sunkissed your look will be. If you’re going for darker hues, it’s important to avoid too shimmery powders, especially if you’re using said bronzers for sculpting the face. For contouring, it’s important to use a matter bronzer so the shadows you would draw on your face would look natural and blend easily to your natural skin tone. Bronzers are very effective in creating a multi-dimensional glow and illusion of shape on the face, so use it to highlight your cheekbones, sculpt your cheeks and even jawline.

TIP: With a fluffy blending brush, you may also use a light matte bronzer to sculpt your nose.

There were more lessons to share but these three are my favorites for the day. They really bled into my summer beauty essentials as after the workshop, as you can see in the first photo, I went home with a bronzer!!!

Now it's your time to share. What beauty tip changed the way you do things?

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