REVIEW: Snoe Whitening Beauty Bars

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WARNING:  This is a lot of soap talk for a soap range that has a lot to say. 
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Bath time is such a HUGE part of Filipino culture. Frankly, I think adik tayo maligo eh! We're a very neat and clean and not to mention hygienic community AND that's something to be proud of internationally. I know, I know, I also have those days when I get so lazy to do anything--shower included, but on a very average and normal basis, I love taking a bath. I love smelling good!

Enter Snoe  products. I have been using these soaps and nothing but these soaps for the past month (counting to two months as of writing) and now that I have tried and tested these bars, let me just share with you my thoughts on them--especially because I have a hunch, adik ka rin maligo eh! :)

Before I begin, let me just say, my showers for the past few weeks have all been so mental! ;p My me-time for the past few weeks involved such critical and an involved thought-process, all because everytime I shower I always really try to be most sensitive about how the product is performing. Hindi basta-basta ligo, I really tried to see the products in varied angles, also because later I would like to share with you the fruits of my "experiment": 3 ways to make your beauty bar last long.

I would also like to apologize because my SD card got corrupted so I lost all my shots of the soaps pre-use. I got to save some shots though, but these shots are of the soaps as packed... so I hope that's alright with you guys. For all its worth, my comments would be most detailed so you could still get acquainted with Snoe White.

Snoe White is a full range of whitening beauty bars that targets specific skin problems. The girls behind Snoe, confessed beauty junkies, wanted to offer targeted solutions for skin problems. When I met with Jen and Gen (parang twins lang) they shared with me how they think it's best to create a soap for specific purposes, and not just force a one soap-for-all kind of product; which I totally agree to because I am a believer of a "range". To me, a bottle that claims a list of benefits has nothing against a range that has separate and particular products focused to solve or improve a particular condition.

The first soap I tries was No. 10, their bestseller, The Special Bleaching Bar. 

Here's a trivial note, I wasn't Honey skinned and wasn't kalingkingan of Fair when I was younger. When it comes to whitening, I truly believe in the powers of Black Soap and Snoe offers a black bleaching bar that has promising properties for resolving skin problems such as dark spots, acne blemishes, freckles and other uneven skin tone concerns. It is more than whitening, what it works on creating for you is luminous skin.

To use Snoe White soaps, simply lather all over your body, leave the creamy foam to rest on your skin for a while, then rinse. Black soap stung a little more than the other soaps, but it was a manageable stinging sensation. If you're not game to tolerate stinging but want rapid results, don't leave the foam to rest on your skin, keep on lathering for a minute or so then rinse. :)

(Lost my bar's pack so can't divulge ingredients, sorry)

No.2 Extra-Strength Glutathione Beauty Bar

Girls who love the color pink would love this soap a lot because it's such a bright pop of color. I say if your bathroom is a pristine white mecca of freshness, you would find that this soap would easily be the most pleasant thing that happened to your shower. :)

Active ingredients: Glutathione, Songyi Mushroom, Vitamin E and C, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Grape Seed Extract, Hyaluronic Acid, Jojoba Oil, Papain Enzyme, High-Grade Extra Virgin Coconut Oil.

Let me quickly shed light to the active ingredients found in soap No.2. Glutathione, also dubbed as a super anti-oxidant, as you all know is an effective skin whitening agent and what makes this soap such a power-packed bar, is it combined the strength of Glutathione with the whitening characteristics of Papain Enxyme (hint: Papaya), also a proven skin whitener. What I loved most about this soap though is its scent. I really liked seeing Grape Seed extract among the list of its ingredients because I love its fragrance.

What I didn't like about this soap, for some weird reason, it melted to oblivion the fastest! I would share some tips on how to keep your beauty bar solid, but compared to all the Snoe White bars I tried, this one melted the fastest. :(

On a different note, while I'm on soap No.2, let me just share how Snoe bars are made. It may look like your ordinary beauty bar, but what makes it different from other whitening soaps is the process by which they are created. Snoe White Bars are created using the cold-process of soap making. In simple terms, just think about this: which is more nutritious, cooked veggies or raw? Isn't there a reason why vegetables are preferably half-cooked only? It is to keep the vitamins and minerals your leafy friends contain. Same goes with soaps. By creating Snoe White through cold-process, you preserve all the goodness of the soap and allow it to kiss you skin :)

No.9 Exfoliation Oatmeal Beauty Bar

I don't know if you followed my status on Facebook, but my Gawd I couldn't stop raving about Snoe White Oatmeal bar (I just made it sound like Chewy :p)!

Of all the soaps I tried, this is the best. THE BEST!

It's so creamy, the scent is very comforting (that's the best word to describe how it felt to be enveloped by this bar's creamy lather) and it has everything which I look for in a bar. It's moisturizing, it's "unscented" (and by unscented, I mean it's mildly scented but it's so faint and neutral, it is almost unscented) and it's also a gentle exfoliant (hello Oatmeal!).

Snoe says: Oatmeal helps to relieve dryness, restoring the skin's natural moisture balance to aid in healing minor irritations due to the mane causes and sources of skin sensitivities. It is a mild exfoliating soap with whitening action that rejuvenates and softens the skin.

K says: TSEK! To know me really, you should know that I'm not crazy about whitening. I just follow a whitening regimen to even out my skin tone. I think all skin color is beautiful, if it's evened out! I know I'm still young, but as your skin matures, its natural "skin erosion" process becomes more irregular thus creating patchy or coarse-looking skin through the years. Enter exfoliation. This is pretty much why it's important to get a scrub ever so often. You have to aid your skin's natural process of replacing cells, and this soap answers to that.

More than that, the Snoe Exfoliating Oatmeal Beauty Bar softens the skin. Let me share you the ingredients that makes it soooo possible to have soft skin, daily.

Active Ingredients: Oatmeal, Goats Milk, Jojoba Oil, Papain High-Grade Coconut Oil, Vitamin C and E.

Isn't it thrilling to see a very simple formula behind such a pleasant and effective soap? I myself was surprised, this soap is my type-of-best friend. Simple, fuss-free, helpful and clean! I emphasize the clean because the soap has this pristine white color, thanks to the Goats milk, which makes it appeal to be creamier than it is--although I must say, it's really very creamy. Ligthly lather it round your arms and legs and you'd enjoy a delicious and luxurious bath in no-time.

I also love that with this soap, a little goes a long way, so I'm also very happy that among all the Snoe White soaps, this one lasted that longest! It didn't just "evaporate"! Value-for-money, swerte kasi yung favorite ko pa yung pinaka-long lasting. :)

No. 11 Rejuvenating Collagen Beauty Bar

Our skin is a tissue... so if you want to maintain its beauty, collagen should be a familiar word. Read more about it here, it's a nice reference site you might want to check out. :)

Snoe says: Our rejuvenating collagen soap uses collagen and fruit extracts to give the skin its radiant and healthy glow. It helps reduce dullness, diminish age spots and improve fine lines and wrinkles. Collagen is natural proteins that help keep skin smooth and maintain elasticity.

K says: A thing about skin that I took advantage of is its "elasticity". When I was younger I'm like, "ano to, rubber band?" But as I took taking care of myself seriously, I late realized how the skin's elasticity is very very very important. I know you don't want to have (or worsen) stretchmarks and I know you don't want sagging skin, so yes, your skin's elasticity play a big role on keeping these problems and more (fine lines, wrinkles) at bay.

This soap is an electric blue color! I personally enjoyed the pink soap (above) more because it was brighter and girlier, but what I appreciated the most about the Collagen Beauty Bar's color is its "man-friendliness". I think it's a teed more challenging to encourage a skin-conscious habit in men, and it's nice to find a soap that is of the "manly" color. The good thing is, it doesn't have that "active sport" scent which I do not like.

Frankly, I did not enjoy using this soap as much as the Oatmeal bar, especially because I tried this soap right after my Oatmeal Bar was used up (yes, I'm describing the soaps according to my "schedule" of use, I first used the black soap, next the pink, third the white, and so on...) The Oatmeal bar was a difficult act to follow. :)

No. 3 Special Kojic and Glutathione Combo Beauty Bar

I'm still using this soap as of writing and I am loving its watermelon scent. :)

Snoe says: Our special kojic soap produces double action from high-grade Kojic and Glutathione. It inhibits melanin production to whiten skin blemishes and dark spots and also dries out and prevents pimples. It helps remove blackheads, thus creating younger fairer skin.

K says: That's a lot for one fierce-looking bar. This Kojic-Glutathione soap is a fierce fiery red color, which might surprise you, but don't worry because it is complemented by a gentle and sweet fruity (watermelon) scent.

I did notice how it "dries out" my skin, so I use lotion profusely after using this soap. Perhaps this isn't the soap for me, because I don't experience acne/bacne problems a lot so I don't have much pimple-related problems to tend; but if you do, then I can vouch that this must be a promising soap for you.

Active Ingredients: High Kojic Content and L-Glutathione, Vegitol Bearberry (omg what is this, cute naman nung bearberry!), Vitamin A, C and E, Grape Seed Extract, Goats Milk, AHA, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Songyi Mushroom, Papain Enzyme, Hyraluronic Acid and High-Grade Virgin Coconut Oil

WOW! Looking at the ingredients, wouldn't it be safe to say that this soap has it all? I mean, get the best out of the lovely soaps I have tried, and put 'em all in one great mixture and you have this soap. :)

But one important ingredient that I may not overlook is Snoe White's use of High-Grade Coconut Oil. Beyond using cold-process in creating soaps, they use only the best of VCO to create a soap range that effectively can cleanse and moisturize the body. As I have tried their soaps for almost two months now, I can honestly say taking a bath is such a different experience now.

Snoe White Beauty bars are easily all about quality and safe whitening plus benefits!

You, have you tried Snoe White?

Visit Snoe White facebook page to know more about their products and branches.

Always smile! :)


We've all been there before. You invest on a beauty bar (because all those other low-end soap just leave you squeaky and dried out!) but it melts too soon for you to even notice the benefits. Then you feel bad because it feels like you just "melted" your hard-earned money.

Well, I hate being in that situation too! Naturally, beauty bars are indeed softer and more "soluble" but that's part of why they're amazing. Now like in any relationship, to have a lasting and a fruitful "partnership", what you should do is accept the good and the bad in your chosen one and then adjust your good and your bad with it. :) I enjoyed trying out these steps and let me just share with you my 3 favorite means of keeping a long-lasting relationship with your beauty bar.

1. KEEP IT COOL & DRY. It's VERY important that you keep your beauty bar in its respective soap dish, one that doesn't leave it "swimming" in water because obviously that would just drown your soap to nothingness. Based on experience, placing my soap on a foam helped lengthen my soap's shelf life because the foam bed helped keep water away from the soap, and whatever soap that was "absorbed" by the foam is soap that you can use naman.

2. CUT IT IN PORTIONS. To really play it safe, you might want to try cutting your soap in portions. Don't cut it in "bite-size" pieces cause I find tiny soaps hard to work with, and they might easily slip off your grip and end up falling in the wrong places (toilet) HAHA But what you can do is cut your soap in half or in three equal parts so you don't expose your soap to water as a whole too soon.

3. LATHER WISELY. I know its fun to rub a bar all over the body, but I realized that the easiest way to lengthen a beauty bar is to use it wisely. As with water, conserve it! Instead of lathering the bar all over your body, lather your favorite soap on both palms until you produce a foamy lather. Spread it all over your arms. For bigger body regions, Simple lather the soap in one or two strokes, allowing the bar to dispense a little bit of it on your skin, then leave your soap to rest. Make use of the film of product you left on your skin to create a foamy lather which you can spread all over your body (ideal trick for washing your thighs and torso.)

With these three very easy and practical tricks (of my trade hehe) you can make the most of your soap investments--and never have to worry about feeling guilty about loving yourself in the shower (I just had to insert an adult pun right there, ;p)

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  3. Hi Kumiko! Nice meeting u at the Snoe event. Anyway, I'm planning to buy the Black soap soon. I just bought my gluta powder mask yesterday :)

  4. These are interesting soaps! I'd love to try the bleaching soap kasi adik ako sa whitening products! :)

  5. Just like that Oatmeal soap, I don't think I can follow a great review on Snoe's soap such as this. Haha Will still try though! <3

  6. i'm using the oatmeal bar for a month now, and i agree with you. i love it!!!!

  7. thanks for the detailed review kumiko! :)

  8. sounds like a good bar of soap, thanks for the review :D

  9. I found this really helpful, thank you! I shall go visit the Snoe kiosk in Shopwise later ;)

  10. So... does the black soap from snow does not whiten? Is that why you tried the tallow soap? Snoe definitely has better ingredients... and cold process soap is not terribly different from hot process soap. You still have to use lye with oil to make hard bar soap with both processes... hot process is easier to control and the soap solidifies faster. All of the snoe soaps look really nice.


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