REVIEW: Charm Pretty in Pink 14-pc Vegan Brush Set

I love make-up brushes, so it's pretty natural that I love Charm make-up brushes. They perform really well, are within budget, are cute and generally durable. I only had problems with Charm a number of times due to a little shedding and bleeding here and there, but those are for the earlier Charm brush sets that I owned (specifically shedding and bleeding of my Charm Travel Pro V.2 stippling brush which I have given up on already due to frustration). The newer breed of Charm brushes are different though. They're so much better, and I just have to say the latest set Charm released, the Vegan brush set, is complete cuteness. To begin with, they now come in a prettttty box.

I've had the set for a while now and I have been using it, especially the powder brush heavily. I hate to say I lost (but am still hoping to find) my lip brush. It came separately due to a minor packing problem, and because it came separately, I washed it separately. Sadly, the next thing I know, I couldn't find them anymore. So yes, I'm living with a crippled brush set. I hope it shows up somehow... I feel really sad to have not tried the lip brush from said line. :(

So, let's go back to good vibes. Hard not to when you have something this bright to look at. The name speaks for itself. The new Charm Vegan brush range comes in a very Pretty in Pink brush roll. Check it out.

Similar to the Charm Travel Pro V.3 (read here for my review), I love the new brush roll because it has a sling which makes it easier to carry around. Of course having it in such bright, bold, loud and festive pink color doesn't hurt too! Don't forget to check out how classy the Charm logo is embedded on the brush roll. I love it!

Its pin perfection bleeds right into the insides of the brush roll. Here are photos to show you the reason why I can't help but enjoy blissful beauty when I use my Charm Vegan set. 

Notice its unique pockets? Those pockets were a pleasant surprise for me. When I ordered this set, I just had in mind "I want the new Charm set, to add to my collection of top-performing brushes." Little did I know that it'd come in a brush roll that is as functional as the tools it hold! In fact, I didn't even  bother check what the brush set includes, I just saw on my Facebook feed that Charm released a new set of brushes and immediately I texted Sophie to order. That's how much I trust Charm brushes to deliver.

Enough with the brush roll, let me share with you my general experience with the set's cruelty-free brushes. Again, I'm missing a brush because when the set arrived, it didn't have a lip brush :( but Sophie immediately sent me my missing item, however, with Murphy's Law at its best, the lip brushes (yes, two. Both my pocket brush and my Vegan set lip brushes are missing. I'm sincerely heartbroken.)

Initial reaction when I first laid out the brush set before me, I gasped for air. I believe I can compare it to how girls gasp for air in movies when they are proposed to. I was perpetually stunned by how pretty the set was. Like an Emerald Cut diamond, the set was a definite "Yes!"

As you can see, the brushes have an "Alpine snow top" feel to it. The set is made of ultra-soft synthetic fibers making them cruelty-free. Vegan brushes are guilt-free beauty tools that any eco-thusiast such as I can easily be smitten with.

From Beauty and Minerals website:

Charm Essentials makeup brushes are made from a special, and superior grade of animal-friendly,vegan hair. Our makeup brushes ensure you a luxurious experience while applying makeup with our brushes that feel like silk on the skin. Create an endless array of beautiful looks with your Charm Essentials makeup brushes! We're your ally in beauty, thru and thru!

Presenting, the 14-pc Pretty in Pink Vegan Brush Set! These are full-handled makeup brushes that are really, really soft, and luxurious on the skin, and the bristles are firm enough and brushes, dense enough to pick up the right amount of product and ensure efficient and flawless makeup application!

The Charm Essentials Pretty in Pink Vegan 14-pc Makeup Brush Set includes the following makeup brushes :

* Powder Brush
* Blush/ Contour Brush
* Foundation Brush
* Big Eyeshadow / Concealer Brush
* Small Eyeshadow / Precise Concealer Brush
* Crease Blending Brush
* Pencil Point Smudger Brush
* Classic Blending Brush
* Shading Brush
* Angled Eyeshadow Brush
* Angled Eyeliner Brush
* Pointed Eyeliner Brush
* Brow Spoolie
* Precise Lip Brush with Cover

Animal friendly and luxurious, the Pretty in Pink brush set is perfect for those who hate how animal haired brushes tend to scratch the skin. Those who are extra-sensitive can find comfort in this range because they are very soft, indeed, yet still powerful enough to pick-up and dispense product properly. 

My favorite, as I have hinted above, is the Powder Brush that came with this set. 
Such a beauty.
I love using dense Powder brushes for my face because I usually use BB cream as my foundation. Since it's wet, I always have to go through the step of having to set my make-up and the Powder brush that the Pretty in Pink set offers is everything I hoped for in a Powder brush. I can fall asleep using it. It's so soft, luxuriously dense and it's also low maintenance. I don't see it getting stained or catching dust too easily. A spritz of Brush Cleanser and its good to go.

Forever soft, sturdy and low maintenance, who needs persuasion? First time I used the Pretty in Pink brush range, I was a goner. For someone who loves collection and playing with make-up, Pretty in Pink is a sure win.

Another favorite would have to be the Pointed Eyeliner brush from the Pretty in Pink line. Fortunately for you, if you're not keen on purchasing the entire set but are interested in trying out a brush or two from this range, you must try the Pretty in Pink Pointed Eyeliner brush. It's not fancy-angled, but wow it works better than my other angled eyeliner brushes. It's so fine and is sturdy enough to give you firm and precision when applying eyeliner--and you know how the slightest extra mm of a mistake can be disastrous when it comes to creating eye perfection.

The Pointed Eyeliner brush is just Php 200 if you buy it alone. Ah yes, you can purchase per set or per brush, celebration!

The set is just Php 2,500, with FREE SHIPPING promo c/o Beauty and Minerals multiply site. However, if you want to again just choose a brush or two, my top five must-try brushes from the Pretty in Pink range are (in order of importance):  Pretty in Pink Powder Brush, Pointed Eyeliner Brush, Classic Blending Brush (very essential!), Pencil Point Smudger Brush (I use this a lot as a crease brush too) and the Pretty in Pink Big Eyeshadow/Concealer Brush (because of its dual purpose).

COMING SOON... Charm Pocket Brush set Review

Always be graceful and grateful. 

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On a different note, I have been playing with the idea of graduate school again. The Pretty in Pink line was a bit of a culprit because it made me think of a beloved Pink Blondie, Elle Woods. Seriously, next to Barbie, Pink is definitely defined by Ms. Woods.

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United States Lawsuits

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