REVIEW: Snoe Happy White Ever After Oil

I've had this review on my drafts since Dec 5, drafted it after I released my review of Snoe White bars in time to celebrate the tea party spent with fellow lovies!! But since I experienced problems with my photohosting service, I couldn't upload it :( Sorry it came late but I'm so happy to release it especially today because of the gift-giving mayhem. After spending quality time with your family and loved ones, why not give yourself the gift of happiness--and beyond!

Segueway: check out some pics from Snoe fan page here.
from Snoe fan page
Here are some of my outtakes. :D But first, a sneaky video taken before I was dropped off by the driver (trivia: we had a lot of stock pick ups that day so I tagged along the company driver until around 2-ish hehe). See the video below to know how I achieved decent curly hair on this photo:

Back to outtakes.

Very sexy, their shelf decor.

Other than sexy, their decor was very relevant too! Snowflakes! :D Very nice touch.

What's so cool about Snoe is that they always have something new!! I saw these babies and was aww curiosity attacks!

Speaking of new, I got to try one of their Hair Heroes product, the Cleansing Conditioner, and I can't wait to share with you my experience of it! :) But as teaser, you should all know that it smelled so yummy!

Beauty bloggers going trigger happy :)

Anyway, during the lovely Tea Party with the Snoe team, I couldn't help but rave about the Snoe Happy White Ever After body oil... here are reasons why:

Smooth glide. Compared to ordinary body oils, massage oils are extra special because they don';t just have to feel good against the skin but they should also be calming and should also allow a smooth surface for fuss-free massages (especially if you like swedish). Snoe Happy White Ever After does just the trick--without feeling greasy. Don't you just hate it when you go for a massage and you end up feeling like you've been rubbed with cooking oil? Eh shempre bawal ka maligo kapag nagpahilot so you're stuck with the icky feeling. With Snoe Happy White Ever After, you totally would feel like a princess upon use.

What is Snoe Happy White Ever After anyway? It's a premium whitening massage and bath treatment oil made with a fancy yet magical infusion of rice bran oil, sweet almond oil, acai berry extract, bengkoang and rose water. What makes Happy White Ever After extra special is its effective skin absorbability compared to other types of oils (like mineral oil which is commonly used in other body oils). Instead of staying on the surface (to provide that glide or moisturized feeling), the rice bran oil, along with the anti-oxidant rich acai berry infusion, deeply nourishes the skin so your body treatment goes a long way.

Speaking of it going a long way, let me share with you what each bottle of Happy White Ever After has. Bottle info c/o Snoe, do enjoy my side notes too!
Snoe White ever After is a relaxing skin silkening luxury that offers superior glide for massage and luxurious hydration for the body.

Rice Bran Oil is a source of vitamin E complex, antioxidants and other micro nutrients to help fight free radicals and combat effects of aging. --RBO was a Japanese beauty secret before it became well-known to the world as one of the most effective skin "regenerative" agent. If you want flawless complexion, give RBO a chance.

Almond Oil nourishes and softens the skin helping to keep it smooth to the touch. --Snoe commits only the highest quality in their products so it's amazing to have proven how their oil is top quality. Compared to other body oils I have experienced, their infusion of quality ingredients really do make a difference. When I was using my Happy White Ever After, each use was a revelation. My skin never felt better!

It doesn't disappoint. It really does relax and calm the senses, while helping you whiten. Healthy skin whitening has never been this fairy tale like. Yeah, there's a reason it's "Happy White Ever After". With this massage oil, you get great sleep as you whiten. :) Nice pun huh?

Mulberry is a botanical whitening agent that effectively lightens and removes dark spots on the skin

Bengkoang is proven to prevent pigmentation and lighten skin. The extract is described to have cooling and refreshing properties --Snoe products mostly has whitening as its common denominator. Among many options for a whitening active ingredient, Snoe chose to be unique and local and used Bengkoang aka Singkamas! Never knew Singkamas could be great for the skin, for whitening even, until I met Snoe. :)

Rose water offers a soothing property to the nerves and emotional and psychological state of mind. it is regarded as a mild sedative and anti depressant. --This characteristic made Happy White Ever After unique for me. Who would have thought happiness can be found in a bottle? :) But really, it's so nice to find a product that offers and satisfies beyond expectations. Snoe products are really completely about helping each and everyone achieve, preserve, and even spread some beauty + happiness. Such a match to my 2012 blog-line: Sharing happiness through beauty. I feel so MFEO (made for each other) with Snoe products :)

Kudos on the packaging too! I really appreciate how it was well sealed. You don't see this much from "new brands", especially local ones. Snoe really raises the bar when it comes to product presentation.

The only thing I didn't like about it was its size. It was too small for me, especially because I didn't just use it as a massage oil. I loved it entirely, I used it as an after-bath moisturizer, everyday, twice. I hope they come up with bigger packaging for oil-suckers like me. :)

Snoe has so much more to offer. To check them out, do visit their Facebook page to see if a branch is near you. :) Do visit also their spazzy new website! So flashy :)

CONTEST: I just visited Snoe fanpage to get a link when I saw they have a contest. Please join and show some love. Let me know that you joined by maybe tagging me when you enter so I can like and help you win!!! :)

I used Hair Heroes Cleansing Conditioner today, when this photo was taken. 
Do I look alright with glasses? Sumo-smokey eye pa rin eh no? haha
Merry Christmas and good luck!

COMING SOON... Fizzy Clean review!

Love is a selfless act.

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Because of the series, I'm back to reading hard news, which I completely miss since back in College I had to cover a lot of topics if I wanted to graduate (I took up Journalism remember?). I know it's make believe, but it's always nice to rekindle old fires.

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