CONTEST: Happy Beautiful Christmas Wk8

This story is pretty much the most memorable human interest story of 2011 for me. I don't get to watch a lot of TV, more to news, but one lucky evening, news was on and the story on Lola Aurelia finding Lolo Luis was on broadcast. I cried immediately. I was so moved by the story. The Journalist side of me had my thumbs up en point. The civilian that I am was just blown away by such loving expression.

Last Sunday we heard mass at the Our Lady of Lourdes Parish at Tagaytay, like we always do every Christmas. Unfortunately, the homily was B.S. I don't mean to defame the church but some priests are just B.S. I think priesthood is a job as it is a mission/calling, and to have someone "preach" unprepared is just ugh, what a waste of holy time.

Basically, what the homily was supposed to emphasize was the will part of love. Love is an act of will. We choose to love, stuff like that. In my opinion, Love is a responsibility. I just watched The Little Prince the movie the first time yesternight so in a way I am still hung up, but beyond my Little Prince hangover, love is a responsibility because to love is to give yourself, and our borrowed life is far too limited to give to waste.

So here I am trying to make sense of the holiday. It's our final giveaway week and I seek your support this last time, let me shower you some of my love. Along with my friends from HBC, allow us to extend Christmas, a few days over time.

When we were kids, mom and dad will tell us to be good most of the time so that when Christmas comes, Santa will leave something for us. We did well in this challenge and had so much fun going back to the year that was. The Holidays call for moments of being together with old friends from college or high school, videoke nights with officemates and reunions with loved ones. Each experience has a unique story to be told and we can’t wait to hear yours.

To end the Christmas week, we’re giving you 4 of our best bath soaps from Body Recipe. You might wonder where is the beauty element here? It’s in the spirit of GIVING the gift of beauty. Thank you for being with HBC in the whole 8 Weeks to a Happy Beautiful Christmas. Now, on to the final week’s question:

What is a happy and beautiful Christmas for you? 
(Answer the question then post a photo of your best Christmas on your Facebook, tag my FB page, tag HBC page and include the Giveaway Photo below. Don't forget to make sure your post shows on my fan page so I can count your entry in.). Each photo entry is equivalent to 5 pts

Sample entry:
A happy and beautiful Christmas is one spent with people you build your dreams with. @KumikoMae @HBC


Happy Beautiful Christmas! Good luck!
This giveaway will end on Dec. 31. Open to Philippine residents only.

By the way, winners for Wk7 are...

Agnes Dc 
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Congratulations ladies! Will be sending you both private message on Facebook. Kindly reply before 2011 ends so your prize won't be forfeited. Hope winning made your year too!!!

POST SCRIPT...  I love to Karaoke! Wearing my favorite scarf from Promod. I swear, I love it so much I almost cried when I thought I lost it. SAD because the strings are unraveling. :(

Happy 2011! Hello 2012!

Do I look good on TV?

My top 5 Karaoke song choices are:
1. Forget You / F*ck You by Glee cast/Cee-lo
2. Oo by Up Dharma Down
3. So Slow by Freestyle
4. Push the Button by Sugababes
5. Love Story by Taylor Swift

Every day is a chance to do something amazing.

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