CONTEST: Happy Beautiful Christmas Wk6

We're having THREE Lucky winners for WK5. Two would be awarded by HBC (randomly drawn) and one would receive a gift set from me, which would also include some lash-love. :)

First off let me announce the two winners to win the HBC sets.

CRYSTAL CRUZBeauty is in the sense that everyone finds beauty in different things. There is beauty in almost everyone and everything. It doesn't have to be physical beauty. It can be what's on the inside of a person, and how they treat others. Kumiko Mae and hbc --Don't say almost! I think there is beauty in everyone and everything.

ELOISITA VALDERAMAEach of us has his own perception of what is beautiful. I believe the real beauty comes from within. If a person is beautiful in his/her inner self then it will show on his physical appearance. ♥ --Very true. Beauty comes from within, literally (because a healthy body/healthy mind/healthy soul is a beautiful person; while a healthy and kind heart is definitely a beautiful person too. :)

Very beauty queen talaga kayo! :)

Anyway, as promised, because I enjoyed your answers, my best answer award goes to...

MARIA LAARNI BERDAN: God created all beings equally with man like His own image. With that, everyone is beautiful in their own right. That's why I believe that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Each one of us may have our own criteria of what beauty is, but nevertheless, may it be just 1% of their criteria, there is always something beautiful in each one of us. Kumiko Mae and hbc.... --I've been listening to a lot of Christian songs lately (my mom's fault) and the way it calms me down is quite moving. I grew up in a very Catholic environment (school's fault hehe) and I can't ever get it out of my DNA (Thank God!) that I truly believe that there's beauty in everyone because God shared a little bit of Him in each of us... and everything because all our skills and talents are also God-given.

Congratulations to all winners! Pls email me your mobile and mailing address within the week so your winnings won't be forfeited! To all winners, pls link me back if you're blogging about this, or if you're reviewing the products so I can promote it on my page too! :)

Now on to Wk6! This week, it's all about achieving flawless skin. The prize would be...

Determine your foundation shade in natural light by sampling a swatch along your jawline. If it blends in perfectly without any strange-looking streaks, you’ve found your match. Make sure that your face and neck appear the same in color and the foundation has been well blended near the hairline and the jaw line.

Other options than liquid or powder forms? Try San San Mousse Foundation in Olive, Natural or Beige. Each pot is enriched with Vitamins A, C, and E for healthy skin and has an air whipped formula that provides long lasting color. If you want to know more about this, check out this review.

Cindy Crawford once said, “foundation is the most individualized makeup you wear.” Aside from foundation being your face’s BFF, it also adds color to your skin and shields it from the drying sun, wind and air conditioning.

I actually read Cindy Crawford's beauty book, and you could check it out through this link of Basic Face book review.

This Wk, HBC is giving away great flawless prizes and again, I wanted to make things simple for everyone so all you have to do is comment on this question posted on my Facebook Page. "When do you feel most flawless and why? I hope you now find it easier to join, but please don't skip on following my blog through Google Friend Connect! I'd really appreciate it if you would comment to any post you like or are interested with too.

For extra entries, simply share this blog post and tag my page and HBC's fanpage. You gain an entry for each time you help spread the word about this giveaway. :)

If a lot would be brave enough to share their flawless secret, I'll be announcing another special winner. :) So do encourage your friends to join okay? This contest is open to Philippine residents only and would last until Dec.18. Winners will be announced on Facebook.

Good luck! Don't forget to Like this post!

Always smile! :)

Oh please don't forget that winners of other HBC Happy Beautiful Christmas contests are no longer qualified for this, but don't hesitate to share cause sharing is love.


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