FEATURE: Starbucks Planner 2012, Gold's Gym & Toby's Sports

I love coffee. I don't mean it like "OMG let's have coffee"-love; I mean I love coffee. I find coffee to be my most inspiring, most evocative and most overwhelming elixir. But to be more specific, I love Starbucks Coffee. It started as a bandwagon, and between odds, I'm sure this love took one hell of a beating on my wallet and debit account; but at the end of the day, nothing beats my Starbucks "overpriced" coffee--well, that is if you can put a price on inspiration.

Few weeks ago I just completed my Starbucks 2012 planner sticker card. It was quite a challenge because you should know there really isn't any near Starbucks branch where I live (although recent updates just confirmed 2012 would unfold better days). Despite that, with the help of my family (who really has no choice but to give in to my whining) I brought home my 2012 planner (and is 3 stickers away to a second one, as of writing).

Starbucks planners have a way of getting to me. Ever since I had my first, it almost became a tradition to sip my way to a great journal. There was only, I believe, one year since then that I didn't get a planner, and that was when I didn't like the design--found it to not work for me in any way. Fortunately, the next few designs, especially the recent ones, just got better and better.

This is the first Starbucks Planner (design) I got. Remember fond memories?
The classiest jacket design, if you ask me.

It was SO HEAVY but after I used the planner up, I found great use of the leather jacket. I used it as a Cattleya filler holder. I was still in college then and you know, lazy students like me don't like carrying heavy notebooks around, so yes I just used fillers. Ironically, I was willing to carry my Starbs planner everywhere! :p

My most memorable planner (the one I didn't tear up nor throw away) was Starbucks 2008! It was a start of a new era for Starbucks planners, or at least a foot in the door. It resolved the "weight issues" of their previous planner, yet it kept the leather jacket in tact. I loved its Christmas garter the most!
I got to feature this planner, check it out here: LINK
The year I didn't avail of a Starbucks planner was... hm, 2009? I just didn't like it at all! The great thing about these batch of journals is Starbucks way of giving its loyal following the chance to "personalize" their planners.

Fast forward to the future, here are some of the past designs of the legendary Starbucks planners. I just grabbed them online because I don't have my college planners anymore. I was such an emotional wreck then LOL and every end of year, I tear my planner up--to make use of the unused leaves as scratch papers--mind you. :)

Starbucks Planner 2010 (I got the coffee bean design, cause I found the shot of coffee beans to be schmexxie).
Remember those Dark Cherry Mochas?

Starbucks Planner 2011 (I got the Maroon one, for more UP pride).

And now of course we have 2012. Since the 2009 set, we lucky coffee fools got to choose a planner that would fit our personality. They started with three choices, now they have five!

I got the Poplar one. The 2012 set is by far Starbucks' best because it is eco-friendly, of reasonable size and weight, and the notebook paper is just superb! What doesn't work for me is the pouch, it just doesn't have enough body at all, can't put my things in it without expecting a mess--you can't expect me to store my planner it it either cause it's such a hassle!

Here's some planner-vanity shots. Let you go through the process of opening the box.

Here's the best part, how it would welcome you...

Couldn't agree more!

Closing a year with a trusted planner is just as important, if not more (since you'd be planner next year with it), as starting a year with one! Cheers to all and hope everyone enjoy their last 2011 and their first 2012!

COMING SOON... Gold's Gym experience!
I purchased classes from Gold's Gym Inter-Continental Hotel Manila--my favorite gym so far, because well New Year's  is a great reason to do something that isn't part of my previous year's routine! Anyone I'd be seeing around?
I was even at Toby's Sports Filinvest yesterday. Toby's Sports branches used to be soooo cluttered, I'm very pleased by how they are working on looking organized and more of like a store than my brother's room!

The shelves and the aisles are still crowded, but I think proper organization is key. Toby's is getting there. Arena branches are easier to maneuver yourself in, hope their other satellite branches follow. On a brighter note, found some cool stuff! These Headwares are very LOVINGSUNSHINE-ish.
Just Php240!
More designs available..

More fitness accessories available.. I love the neon pink jelly rope the most! It was just Php 150!
Biggest Loser tools!
I love the bands!!!
I used to be really good in hula-hooping, not I bet I won't last a minute! I want to re-learn it!
After, I went out for a quick Quickly drink. I love Quickly :) Can't help but be reminded of my High Schcool days. I love how not much has changed... although it won't hurt if their one serving of pudding isn't that microscopic.

Oh well, the happy thought is, my camera's so great! I don't have to edit my pics at all!!! :)
Oops, shakey.
I love this photo the most. Says a lot, I think.

To be inspired is to let yourself be moved out of place.

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  1. Love this uplifting post. You do exude sunshine.

    I can't live without Starbucks.


  2. Starbucks and Quickly, definitely a million thumbs-up!

    Sad thing, though, is that Quickly closed their branches here in Bacolod years ago. *sigh*


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