Puppy love

Can you still remember your puppy love?

I figured, I can't talk about love (loving things) without posting about dogs.

Whenever I read things, see art or even hear stories about canine affection I well up and get so squishy inside. There's just something amazingly stunning about how dogs love their "masters" that it is a great source of inspiration. Very very inspiring indeed.

One of our dogs, my lola's, is a shit zu. She's not the show dog type, in fact, the reason she's with us is because she's supposedly (and I put supposedly because I don't want what I'm going to say next) the ugliest among her siblings. She's full breed yet she's the odd ball, the rotten tomato. Her hair, her skin, her body, it's not perfect at all--so we took her in, instead of letting her be a family outcast.

I named her. I named her Sophia because I read somewhere that Sophia means "princess". I didn't bother verify it, so I'm not sure if it does mean princess; but princess or not, I think our little Sophie had the kindest royal heart. She's so precious... and now she's a mom.

Photo of her fresh from labor, no baths yet. May dugu-dugo pa.

She gave birth almost a week ago to four cute, extremely chubby puppies! What's amazing is she gave birth by herself! We were all sleeping when she gave birth! We called it a day, she was still pregnant. We wake up to prepare breakfast and there she was, cuddling and tucking her four puppies in. Aww.

She's such an amazing mom. Even if she's so overprotective she fights with our other dogs (she fought with my  dog named Santa, so now I have equal scars on both left and right thigh cause by doggie scratch), I love her still.

EEHH Puppy yawning:

Anyway, I just wanted to quickly share that because today I felt like I needed to leave a little nice something to the world before I sleep--and why not leave it by sharing positive thoughts?

I think, as a beauty blogger, it's really important for me to stay beautiful. Any beauty blogger should continuously strive to stay beautiful to live up to the name, but more than that, to the trust people give to them. However, it would pain me to belong to such category if I do not live by it with purpose.

I think as a beauty blogger, I don't just have to strive for personal physical beauty but also for a collective and a deeper form of beauty--in all things, forms, aspects. This I think should begin in the mastery of the art of appreciation. Nothing is more beautiful than a person who knows how to appreciate life, so enlighten me...How do you express your beautiful soul?

Always smile! :)


  1. Awww those puppies are adorable (: I love your philosophy on beauty


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