Ongoing Sale events

There are two ongoing sale events that I think you shouldn't miss out on...

Online we have KKcenterHK's September sale

I love KKcenterHK because they have such a wide offering on eyelashes, from natural to feathered lashes, they can go prim to party in one click of a link. They are surprisingly affordable too so very helpful for make-up artists who need to shell out falsies every now and then; and for eyelashers (falsies lovers) who love creating doll-like eyes often.

Another sale you shouldn't miss is HBC's 30% sale. As if they can't get any more affordable, they did. It's for a limited time only and it is for members. I suggest you join their exclusive club cause it's fun to earn points and receive special discounts and invitation to events such as this.

Sale offline: we have HBC's loyalty sale for members.

I'm not sure if hair color is included in the sale but check out what magic I just conjured using an HBC loot: Loving Sunsets.

How about you, any sale events you're eyeing on?

Always smile! :)

So... what's next from K?

I'm in love with this...


  1. I've always wanted to get a pair of feathered lashes! seems like a good place to go with your review :)

  2. you're always updated sweety!! galing galing!


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