Beyond Bath Organics: Nature Glow Lightening Sugared Body Scrub

A huge part of being responsible over your health is making the right choice. When it comes to beauty-related options, the more natural you choose to live, the better. Beyond Bath Organics, among the many upcoming natural brands worldwide, uses natural and organic extracts in its products. In fact, it is Eco-Certified proving that each of Beyond Bath Organics products are made with certified organic ingredients. Fabulous, yes.

Being the curious old me, I visited Watsons Mall of Asia and brought home two of their products for my Discounts Magazine article. I have already finished one bottle up, and I'm down to my second so I think it's about time I share with you what Beyond Bath Organics can offer.

Nature Glow: Lightening Sugared Body Scrub

I'm sure the idea of a sugar scrub is not new to you. My first experience of sugar scrub was actually from Ellana Minerals, the Strawberry Lip Scrub specifically. It's of course so sweet, but beyond sweetness, on both occasions, sugar scrubs are very effective.

The box says, Beyond Bath Nature Glow Sugared Body Scrub combines the natural extracts of Licorice, Orange and Inca Inchi with native Muscovado Sugar that effectively exfoliates and whitens to give you a fresh and radiant skin that glows with life.

K says, it's a gentle yet skin-abrasive-enough body scrub but the scent of the Muscovado sugar may turn some people off. I actually like it. My mom doesn't. My sister doesn't. It seriously smells like muscovado sugar, only that it's a bit different since it's mixed with other ingredients too! As for the whitening, I did not notice any whitening effect on my skin but it did give a smoother more radiant after-shower skin appearance. It also left my skin soft to the touch. :)

Bonus treat, I also love how amazingly mentholated the after-scrub feeling it leaves. I mean it! It's so amazingly metholated. I would recommend this scrub to anyone who wants a refreshing feeling after showering (I mean, who doesn't?)!! Well, if it's hot and humid where you are, this body scrub would save you. :)

Weird though, I checked the ingredients list for this product and did not see peppermint or anything mint on it... hm?

Ingredients: Isopropyl Myristate, Muscovado Sugar, Sodium Chloride, Glycerine, Monostearate, Petrolatum, Glyceril Stearate ang Peg-100. Licorice (Glycirrhiza Glabra) Extract, Citrus Aurantium Amara (Orange) Extract, Citrus Aurantium Amara (Orange) Essential Oil, Plukenetia Volubilis (Inca Inchi) Seed Oil

Pros: Not tested on animals, suitable for all skin-types, non-comodegenic, biodegradable and paraben, mineral oil, alcohol and colorant free!

(coming soon... my take on a soap-free body wash, stay tuned)

Always smile! :)