Loving Sunsets

Well, obviously I love the sun. I love things sunny and bright! But hey, I love going into the night just as much! Why not, with a lovely passionate sunset, I think there's no reason to feel otherwise.

As much as I find sunrise to be life's most beautifully daunting experience, sunsets are inspiring feats worthy of all praise.

As you all would probably remember, I got myself two tubes of Sunset Red hair color from HBC's previous Great 88 sale! My older sister is in town right now so I took advantage of seeking her assistance on this journey. I do have painfully black roots showing already so I think it's about time I re-color. Yes, I know. I seem to color every month. Is it dangerous/bad for hair health? I'm sure it is! That is why Believe it or not, I use a hair mask almost thrice a week... that's what I call being responsible hehe

Hortaleza Professional Hair Coloring Cream in Sunset Red is code 7.46.

It comes with a silver box. HP coloring creams come in varied ranges, this one comes from the HP silver boxed range. It is a permanent hair coloring formula that imparts vibrant and lasting tones on hair--perfect for every/any personality. The good thing about this coloring cream is the part where it is cream-based... which means it has added conditioners to help keep hair's softness even after coloring! I should know! I've tried HP coloring creams before and they didn't dry my hair out unlike the time I used a bubble hair coloring formula! Check out this link to see my past-life as a Blonde Redhead.


The coloring cream soaked in oxidizing lotion. Now to mix it...
Most of the time, of all the times I color my hair red, the coloring agent turns purple/violet... hm.
I wrapped my hair in a foil for just 20mins (since I was afraid to overdo it and I was feeling slight burning sensation on my scalp already!)
A word of caution: "This product may contain ammonia, phenylenedianine, resorcinol, aminophenol which may cause allergic reaction. A skin sensitivity test should first be performed." Of course, do not use this coloring cream on brows and lashes too! Contact with the eyes may cause blindness! Always stay safe everyone!

I used a 9% oxidizing lotion to make the most of my fashionably red hot hair color! I'm actually foiled up right now, half-worried about my hair and half-worried about the color payoff of my coloring cream... fingers crossed, but would post after pictures below this line. :)

My roots before...

My roots now.
My older sister was such a perfectionist. She didn't leave my roots untouched. Thank you ate!
After coloring, I used L'oreal conditioner instead of my Human Heart Nature Natural Moisturizing Conditioner. I don't know, every time I color I feel like I need chemical conditioners to make my hair brush-able. :)

My hair is slightly stiffer now, but nothing out of the ordinary. With proper hair treatment in the following days, my hair would be back to normal. In fairness, my hair's so shiny! For wavy/curly haired lassies like me, it's such a delight to see hair filled with life and bounce like that!

Always smile! :)

So... what's next from K?

From local (HBC is local) to the other half of my being, Japan! Traditional Japanese skin care from Wawaza.


  1. The color is beautiful! ♥ Mukhang pinacolor sa salon.

  2. that's such a pretty color for fall! :)

  3. The new hair color looks great! Your roots look perfect now. :)

  4. you make me wanna try coloring my hair red. haha :D

  5. Awesome effect!!! :) love the colour :D


  6. i agree with tsugar!! great color for fall..
    the brain-ish look-- eeew eew LOL

  7. nakaka enganyo magpakulay. kaka rebond ko lang ulit kc. thanks to this one ;)

  8. I love your new red hair! Nice! :D


  9. hello , do u have any tips or do u have a blog post on a virgin hair sa dye ?

    pero rebonded hair ko pero matagal na to . hehe


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