An ode to the Perfume Lovers


Earlier today, I showed Paypal some love by purchasing these fragrances from! I know it'd take another month or so (and a heck of another customs billing!) but I'm excited to receive these items. I hope they arrive sooner!

French Connection FCUK Her 3

Prada Infusion de Fleur D'Oranger Eau de Parfum 

 Calvin Klein We are One

Lanvin Eclat d'Arpege Eau de Parfum

One of my all-time favorites

Harajuku Lovers Music Eau de Toilette

Anyway, I hope before these items arrive, I finish off these babies which I have yet, well used up.

Currently my everyday scent, Calyx Eau de Toilette
Really lovin' this right now because it's slim and very handy, Fits my bag well.

Unopened, just recently given to me by my mom... coincidentally while I was secretly drooling over Room in Rome haha

Gucci II
A rather "formal" scent which I am sure I would not use so much cause I won't be able to carry it around a lot... since the bottle is extremely heavy!

These... I thought I lost but are apparently inside my mom's office. :D I'll embed them according to my most missed scent. Maybe I'd sneak them out someday soon? If you all don't know, my mom loves perfumes as much as I love brushes.

Most missed: Burberry Brit

Very cute Japanese-eque design, Salvatore Ferragamo Incanto Bloom.

And of course my Issey Miyake A Scent stuffs...

Oh! Going through all these perfumes made me miss another all-time favorite perfume (also very memorable), Anna Sui Dolly Girl

How about you, what's your favorite scent? Okay, I'll accept answers in plural form! :D

Always smile! :)

So... what's next?

I know I was supposed to put up a box something but it's been so busy and realized I don't want to do anything in haste. Anyway, in other parts of the world, someone is celebrating her birthday and is having a giveaway so I joined and I'm crossing my fingers that having the "birthday charm" would make me lucky. I hardly win makeup! Her selection's amazing! 

Happy birthday sweets!


  1. how much customs fee usually for cosmetics and perfumes?? XD

  2. OMYGOSH that's alot! my fave is lanvin marry me!!
    i want to try some of these ^^

  3. @madjewelled From my last experience, I paid like 5k hahaha

  4. @Diane I was eyeing on the Marry Me but wasnt too sold when i sniffed it at SM haha :D But i love the packaging though!

  5. What a fun post, thanks for giving me ideas on what to try next.:D

    I often go for the warm and spicy.:D

    ***** Marie *****
    Freeman Beauty Blogger Kit Giveaway

  6. I had Burberry Brit and I really liked it. That is a lovely range of perfumes~


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