On finding a perfect pair...

I can't say this enough... I love Chinese and Japanese food! JAPANESE FOOD ESPECIALLY!

And if you get to know me more, then you'd also know that I love wine. I love drinking wine with friends and even alone. I think wine is sexy, bold and sophisticated. Those words, I'd love to keep under my belt, of course!

This is of course a favorite poster design for Letters to Juliet the movie because of the following elements: happy sunshiney girl, love letters and sunflower design.

When I saw Letters to Juliet the movie, oh how I wanted to go to Europe!!! You know, to check some things off my checklist, like find love. :)

Happy to share that I don't have to go to Europe to find good tasting wine to love. Earlier this year I got to try Manny O Wines and so great to hear that as the year closes, this favored locally produced wine is garnering more international recognition!

To date, the brand has nine awards from Spain, Germany and Hongkong! Amazing right? So I suggest if you're thinking of something to make your holiday feasts more festive, make Manny O Wines part of your menu.

More good news: if you love Dimsum or Sashimi, like I do... and if you're thinking of having these dishes for Christmas, New Year or any other occasion, there is a particular award-winning bottle that is your dish' perfect pair! So nice to see the world settle down into perfect pairs, right?

Manny O's Discipulus Blanc just recently received TWO AWARDS from the Hongkong International Wine & Spirit Competition for food pairing: yes, you guessed it right, for dimsum and sashimi. Congratulations Manny O Wines!
For other award-winning choices, you may also try Sumiller, which carries over five international awards!


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  1. I love Japanese food too!!
    Is the movie nice? I havent seen it...some of my friends told me to do so, but i am so busy...

  2. Love love japanese / chinese food too! <3 and letters to juliet the movie is awesome! would love to go to europe to find love rin! :)) HAHA MERRY CHRISTMAS!

  3. This entry is so wonderful! Well said and well done. :)


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