Never Think

I figured that the difference between now and then
is the space I create when I stretch my arms
to hug you

as if

and the only way to settle that difference is to
well, ignore it
but you said you don't like passive

or i did

does it matter

who now
who then

lately i realized life was better when it didn't make sense

funny how my biggest mistake is not in thinking wrong
it's that I thought at all

I thought it's you and I
I thought it's all of each of us
I thought there's no one else in the world


Never Think



  1. very well expressed emotions, dear poetess.
    you got talent there,
    you have attitude too.
    Glad to have you share with us this week...
    Happy Tuesday!
    Merry Christmas!


  2. love your style... glad i found your writing..


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