Book to Basics #18 Tanglewreck by Jeanette Winterson

"Time is ours." -from my birthday postcard
Tanglewreck is my first experience of a Jeanette Winterson piece for younger audiences. As always, it was a delight to read. Funny, how after having read Winterson's brooding, passionate and romantic stories, I found myself chasing after yet another of her literary masterpieces, this time as a child. Her versatility is surprisingly amazing. Tanglewreck is nothing like Oranges are Not the Only Fruit, Written on the Body or The Powerbook, which I have read and fell in love with earlier this year--my first with Jeanette actually.

Tanglewreck very much reminds me of Neil Geiman's Coraline. The story was so vividly narrated and was so successful in defining an imaginary world where time is running out. Yes, at Tanglewreck, the world is coming to an end...

Tanglewreck is not like your run-the-mill the world is ending story. Made up of very interesting characters and settings: London, Rome, Egypt, The Past, The Future, Black Holes, Star Roads, Creepy Aunts, Round Thieves, Fighting Rabbits, Eternal Sorcerers, Talking Houses, Pirates, Queens, Time Travel, Time Transfusions and many more! Tanglewreck is a jam-packed story set in a world where magic is real and courage makes a hero out of a kid.

I recommend Tanglewreck to readers who would like to enjoy a fun graphic novel because although Tanglewreck isn't a graphic novel, it has very descriptive pages, it could easily be enjoyed as one.

Tanglewreck (Php 292) is available at Fully Booked. For inquiries, visit their website here.

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