Happy Holidays at The White Hat, Shangri-la Branch

Freedom ain't nothin' but missing you.
One of my favorite reasons why I love having a Belle de Jour Power Planner is the Buy one Take one coupon at The White Hat Frozen Yogurt! Because this season calls for a lot of reunions--planned, impromptu or surprise-surprise types, last night, when I got to see two of my dearest High School friends, we had to end our evening digging into a tubful of yogurt goodness.

The White Hat Yogurt's definitely made for sharing! :)

With my super friend. :)

MY tub. I love White HAT because of their toppings talaga. I super love their cheesecake! Combine it with chocnut for a Pinoy twist!

My friend enjoyed her cheesecake topping with bits of Oreo cookies. :)

Happy to announce that I am holding a giveaway and included among the prizes is a 2011 Belle de Jour Planner. If you want to try your luck on my super-easy fun yr-ender giveaway, please visit this link. If you want to up the notch, join my Holiday beauty contest too, in cooperation with Clarity Aesthetic Medical and Dental Center.

Happy holidays!


Check out this pretty fun "dancing video" my friend Woj performed for us. :)