#7 Healthy Holiday Eye Make-up (plus loot feature) (Beauty and Minerals)

Having the right tools and make-up (for your skin, skin tone and personality) makes the perfect look. I think that make-up is too much a form of self-expression to really tell the good from the bad... though of course there are some "good"s out there that are unquestionably, well, good.

If  you're an avid reader of my blog then surely you've heard of my recent purchase at Beauty and Minerals. I got this really nice Travel Brush set-- very soft and very out of stock right now! I'm not sure when Sophie would restock, but as soon as she does (and I hear news about it) I'll definitely let you know. I recommend the brush set for beginners and pros alike. Young or old (age and in the field of make-up artistry), a good set of brush that is travel friendly is a must-have.

Check out photo I got from their site below. Two reasons why I thought of using their photo instead of my actual shots: 1) I immediately tried the brushes (especially the stippling brush) as soon as the pack arrived; and 2) Her shot justifies how pretty the brush set is, mine didn't haha!

And because Beauty and Minerals not only carry outrageously cute and functional brush sets, but also good-for-you skin prettifying and perfecting mineral make-up, I share with you what I achieved via the power of two (brushes and eye shades from Beauty and Minerals).
Using Khaki and Champagne for the entire lid and to add depth at the outer corner V of the eye respectively.
I love how the brush was easy to load with mineral make-up. I love more how the brush was easy to use to blend my two-toned eye make-up for today.

I'm using SUPERMAKRO so I decided not to edit the photos I would use for this feature. Not to edit the photos at all. Not even Brightness and not. :) In this photo, can you see how sparkly Khaki shade is? So pretty right? It's so perfect for a photoshoot beside the holiday tree as it would definitely compliment festive decors with its gold/bronze specks.

You'd notice this very photo did not upload as perfectly as the others, but I just want to share with you the reason why I raved about San-San Cosmetics Long Lash Waterproof Mascara. WOW right?!


Complete the look by skipping liptstick. Gloss up! Using my favorite Smashbox lipgloss in shade Radiant.

Inspired by you, baby. White Hat Yogurt with Cheesecake and Chocnut toppings.

Happy holidays!