#8 Open Eyes, Open Heart (L'oreal Open Eyes Pro and more)

Obviously, my L'oreal Open Eyes palette is becoming a favoriiiite.
Whenever the "December Fever" strikes, you know when it's extra-ordinarily cold during the evenings and everything just feels so romantic... I become overly sentimental. Because it's the year-ending season, whenever December strikes, I try to re-evaluate the year I'm to leave behind and assess how much of a better person I have become since the last time I wore my December shoes.

Whenever December strikes, I feel extra sensitive about the things I feel or should feel or even, should recognize as blessings I should be grateful for. This is why I came up with my yr-ender giveaway, which I invite you to join just so we can all together celebrate this season of giving thanks.

In my giveaway, all I ask of my interested readers is to share the things they're thankful about. This inspired me to share with you my two-cents on L'oreal Paris Open Eyes Pro palette. I don't know if it's cheesy, but because I am the type of person who loves and practically names everything, the Open Eyes Pro palette caught my eye because of it's really pretty design and monicker.

Happy ending: the monicker won't fail you. L'oreal Paris Open Eyes Pro palette can really open and brighten up your eyes, professionally (see photo below).

Using L'oreal Paris Open Eyes Pro palette is so easy. It even comes with a step-by-step Smokey Eye tutorial at the back/bottom of the pack. I think the Open Eyes palette is a silly mistake-proof palette that is a great first investment for newbie beauty enthusiasts/make-up lovers.

In the photo: I am using L'oreal Paris Volume Collagen Waterproof mascara which has a full sized thick mascara wand capable of coating each of your lashes with voluminous layer of mascara for a fully-flattering fluttering lashes.

Because Smokey Eyes are best worn with smooth and clear skin, I opted to use L'oreal Base Magique Transforming Smoothing Primer. Read my review here.

I really like the velvety formula of Base Magique. It makes my skin feel baby soft. :)

Don't fear that Base Magique is only for the fairest of them all. I'm not fair myself (but am working on it using L'oreal White Perfect Whitening Day Cream!) yet Base Magique works just fine. :) It looks like a white thick filmy formula on the photo but it turnes invisible upon application. Parang rosy white-pinkish glow ang effect niya.

For starters, you can use the applicator that comes with Open Eyes Pro, but as much as you could, try to invest on the right make-up brushes so it would be 10x easier for you to achieve a clean professional looking Smokey Eye make-up.

My favorite in the Open Eyes Pro is shade#4 (the glittery gray shade at the upper left corner, as seen in the photo). Most often than not, you would use a white shimmer in the inner corner of your eye, just above your tear ducts, to "open up your eyes" and achieve a doe-eyed look. For L'oreal Open Eyes Pro, it's not your basic white. It comes with a specially pigmented and glittery shade to match the professional eye shade palette.

I used shade#3 (the blackest darkest shade of the palette) to define my eyes and add a flirty wing on the side. See how glittery it is. Party-party!

I took this photo before applying the darker shades of gray. :p You can opt to use your L'oreal Open Eyes Pro for day make-up too. Just add na lang the darker shades at night when you're ready for a night-out or a date. :)

Match your eye make-up with your nails.

Here are some few things I'd like to say to end this lovely post:
Don't live with your eyes closed.
Open your eyes so the world won't seem too dark. :) 

*photos are unedited because I didn't want to tweak the pigments of the palette. The color difference in skin was caused by the camera flash. Tan skin: with flash. Fair skin: just basic indoor lighting.