Marciano's: great food, great service & great servings! Don't even get me started with the selection!

The popular, highly sought for, Joey Tribbiani's Meat Lasagna. Man, it's awesome.

OUR FIESTA. Seven meals, three people committing gluttony.

Sorry for the blurry pictures! I forgot my better camera.

Dessert on the house! Thank you Mr. Adrian of Marciano's

Tried to burn calories at Timezone!

Spent hours and we couldn't do better than Easy haha!

Discovered foosball!

Bought Special Edition 50th Anniversary Game of LIFE. So, "where will your choices take you?"

Capped the evening off with healthy frozen yogurt from The Stock Market. Talk about classy yogurt store! :)
I had such a great day-evening with my siblings. It was a F.R.I.E.N.D.S day indeed! I'm so happy I got to take them out, like that!

I'm a family person that's why I have happiness, unending. :)


Do you watch Friends?