Double Cheeseburger

Compared to other blogs out there, my blog's really consistent and active. I always make it a point that I have a new post or a new racket to share. I read, research, keep my eyes open and brainstorm. See, writing is something I'm completely sure I would never be able to comfortably rid off my system. I love it. Hopefully the things I do or say don't lead to my demise, but if so, I just have to face that, right?

Speaking of face... what do you think of my basic "day-in-the-office" make-up?
As I was saying, my site's been really busy but I feel like I haven't written something personal for the longest time. To begin with, I haven't even blogged about my Sagada vacation last August: first, because I was too emotionally distraught; and second, because it was an experience I am a bit selfish about. My being busy at work and some projects affected the "kumi-ness" of my blogs as well, I'm sorry.

To compensate, let me share this:

Mushroom Double Cheeseburger Pizza, please tell me I'd someday get to try you. 
I know this wouldn't help especially to those who live far from the areas the specialty pizza house serves, but I think it's still worth a try, to spend some few seconds, salivating at this little baby. Check out their website here.

I found their site because I experienced such heavenly feeling of happiness with the Double Cheeseburger I had for lunch--one of my office mates will celebrate her birthday tomorrow and treated the office to lunch, happy birthday Ms. Grace! Ah, I'm so curious...

Last night I Facebooked about my upcoming birth month. October's just around the corner, I don't know what to do for my birthday yet! Not that I actually celebrate my birthday, I just really want a turn-around. I want a turn-around to deserve more of these:

Some people, rebound. Some, the great ones, follow through. -kumiquote


Today, I am happy.


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