Naturally Beautiful Cosmetics

From Zen Health May-June 2010
Tropical Philippines welcomes the newest line of extensive natural skin care products called Mineral Flowers. Mineral Flowers, which originated from Israel, proudly promotes the "Let's Flower the World" campaign which fields flowers as the natural way of return to Eden, the land of paradise.

In a private launch held at Cav, Bonifacio High Street, main players of the beauty scene had the first try of the new line of skincare that promises the self-repairing spirit of flowers and the rejuvenating strength of pure mineral water from the dead sea.

According to founder and chief gardener of Mineral Flowers, Uri Ben Hur, Mineral Flowers is almost entirely made up of natural ingredients, 99.65 percent, that helps clean, moisturize, balance and support the renewal of the skin--like how nature does with flowers. "If you look at flowers, you see that they're really beautiful. We took inspiration from that. Our goal is to make skin that radiates beauty just like how flowers manifest it," he said.

To experience the magic of Mineral flowers on your skin, check out leading SM stores and Watson branches in the metro. For more info, check out the Mineral Flowers website at

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I love receiving flowers. I'll have white lilies for my wedding, sunflowers for my wedding reception, wild flowers for my honeymoon.