My Happy Holiday

Major Shopping Blunder Day:

So I was at SM because I had to produce a large print of a project's floor plan this glorious holiday. Afterwards, mom treated us to some foot spa-mani-pedi at Nail-a-holics. I now have electric blue nails, FYI. Thanks to Orly nail polish which never ever fails me.

I was left to wander the mall alone because mom and my little sister had their hair done. I seriously need some hair treatment myself, a haircut even, but decided to pass up on today's salon trip because I have yet to plan what I want to do with my hair. Instead, I searched SM Department Store for things to buy.

FAILDOM begun when I looked at the jewelry display from various stores. SM, Jewelmer, Venice Jewellers, and outher outlets whose name I actually forgot. I couldn't find one I liked! Sucks so much.

I don't like it when I am willing to spend and there's nothing worth it or even cute enough to spend my money on!

No good find from FitFlops (there's no FitFlop branch or stall around), not even Shape-ups from Skechers (they don't have my size anymore); not a good find from Converse (so goodbye to what could've been an amazing "first-ever-chucks" moment); a successful sandal seduction didn't even happen--and I shoe shopped for almost two hours! I almost bought this baby pink wedge but decided not to as I wasn't 100% sold with the item. (Shopping rule #1: If you find yourself repeatedly going back to one item, don't just go back, leave with it. Shopping rule #2: If you're not sure with it, don't.)

Good thing I didn't go home empty-handed. I just got to bag these items from our week's groceries haha! I'll find a pretty caboodle next time, maybe even have the spirit to buy one of those nice fancy vanity boxes, but for tonight, frugal Kumiko will just use a Php75 caboodle from SM department store hooh-haah!

Replenished my kikay needs. Since my Mineral Flowers day cream's about to be used up, I bought Ponds Flawless White day cream to match the Ponds Flawless White Night Cream I have been using the past week. I like the Night Cream because I do wake up looking pretty :)

Also bought new roll-on as I don't really like the deo-stick I have one right now. I'm using the deo-stick version of the roll-on I got tonight because it's the only deo we have at our kikay "pantry".

Finally I got myself some Clean & Clear oil films! I've been dying to buy some but the Mercury Drug branch near our office doesn't have any of those, not even other brands. I get so shiny come afternoon and since I'm lazy to do touch-ups, oil absorbing films are bound to be my BFFs. It's scented BTW.

At risk of running out of lotion, I already got me a new bottle of Nivea Q-10. Oh ladies, it's just the best! I swear by it. In just a week, you would see fabulous improvements on your skin's health. Try it for yourself!

Last but not the least, I finally got me a proper eye make-up remover. I only use J&J Baby Oil Lite to remove my stubborn waterproof mascara, it's effective don't mistake me for saying that it's not, but I think it's about time I try something more appropriate and suitable for the job. Loreal's Gentle Lip and Eye make-up remover will be my religion in the coming evenings. Likewise, I would also give Moringa-O toner spritz a try. I'm so excited about it because it has sunflower-derived Omega as a major active ingredient. I LOVE SUNFLOWERS.

Anyway, time to fix up. So many mineral make-up to anally keep on my new caboodle. Will also be washing my make-up brushes tonight. Hope everyone had a great day.


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