Clarity's Passion to Make You Smile winner is...

Clarity’s passion for beauty was embraced on last Saturday’s White Party at the 5th level, Shangri La Plaza Mall. Participants of Clarity’s Passion to make you smile came in together with their family and friends in white as they celebrated their success over other bloggers who posted the photo that makes them smile for the promo via Clarity Aesthetic Medical and Dental Center’s Facebook fanpage.

The grand prize winner chosen by Kumiko Mae together with Clarity doctors and dentists is Suyen Rivera- Lopez awarding her with Laser Teeth Whitening. “It’s my dad and brothers protecting me from the man of my dreams.” she explains as she tells the story behind the winning photo.  

Smokers and coffee drinkers have now the chance to have whiter teeth. Dra. Michelle Meneses, Assistant Professor, UP College of Dentistry introduced Teeth Bleaching and how with a whiter set of teeth can boost confidence. She also discussed the importance of dental hygiene and regular visits to the dentist can help maintain a good set of teeth to flaunt. 

Everyone’s a winner since gift certificates for oral prophylaxis, anti-aging facial and oxygen rejuvenating facial were given all throughout the night and everyone went home beaming with happiness. Together with that they captured their picture perfect smile in their photo booth. 

Clarity offers aesthetic dentistry such as Dental Veneers, Orthodontics, Dental Implants and Invisalign. Clarity also specializes in dermatology, aesthetic and plastic surgery. You can visit their website at and contact them through 9104955 to or through Clarity Beauty Buzz 0916-CLARITY (2527489).


More updates, visit here. Great contests and posts to be released on October, my birthmonth!


  1. Finding the promo through your blog was wonderful. Thank you thank you for leading me to my free diamond peels, facials and so much more! It was nice seeing you. :)- Angela

  2. Thank you Angela,
    Hope you enjoyed yourself :D
    Cheers to more!



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