Book to Basics #5 The Stranger by Albert Camus

I look at The Stranger by Albert Camus and I see a quiet book. It doesn't have a loud book cover, it doesn't demand attention from the shelves, rather it blends with various book spines but once opened, it sucks you in with its "quite there" sense of everything. It is like going through the mind of the intelligent. Things were in order, despite chaos.

In small captions are the author's credentials, "Winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature".
I started reading the book after having breakfast today, a Sunday. By the time I was called for lunch, I reached the end of the novel. It was a short and easy read but it doesn't fall short of sense and "meanings" for readers to ponder on. It is about a quaint individual, if you ask me. The protagonist of the story reminds me of people I've met and found to be most interesting... weird, but interesting nonetheless.

Below is a song which I find fitting for the novel. Comfort in Your Strangeness by Cynthia Alexander, a woman of musical grace and power, similar to what The Stranger possesses.

I really liked the novel because it was something that in a way "interfaced" with how the brain can be wired. Detachment, which is The Stranger's strange enough, strength, was best played and portrayed by the calmly constructed scenes--you would find it haunting how the novel starts, evolves and ends with death, without ever soliciting the gloomy weight of dying/having someone die.

I recommend this to people who find it difficult to express their emotions--and find nothing wrong with it. To those accused of being "heartless", you may want to take comfort with The Stranger's pages. I enjoyed this book because I found "comfort in its strangeness". I'm positive this book would be an exploratory book for people with "complicated" personalities. I suggest you gift this to that someone you just can't quite put your finger on.

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