WHY FOLLOW HER? She is a "romantic dreamer".

I have to admit, I almost forgot it's another FRIendly FRIday upon my blog. Luckily, I remembered hence this wonderful follow friday--which thanks to that little memory mishap, serves perfectly apt.

I'm thankful I remembered about my FRIendly FRIday project, and I'm thankful she's the blogger I would feature on this blog post.

Romantic Dreaming is a lovely blog kept by a mommy to be, lovely right? I suggest you follow her if you love kids. I'm sure she'd post wonderful photos of her baby in the future--exciting!

I didn't read all but so far, I am sincerely "aww"-ing for her posts. If you love anything romantic (as suggested by her site url) you'd enjoy her blog as much as I did. Savor in the many quotes she has featured on the sides of her blog, not to mention her own "quotabble quotes".

Visit and show her some love. Hello Laura, I'm thankful for your blog. ♥


BTW, if I find the time tonight I would be creating a FRIendly FRIday section among my sidebars so you can enjoy a list of the wonderful blogs I have featured weekly. Great idea don't you think? :) So if you have any suggestions, I'd really appreciate it. Make yourself heard.


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