Master Cleanse Diet: Day One

I placed different useful links on the words "Master Cleanse diet", for all of you to enjoy.

No, those cereals don't belong. One, I don't like Fruit Loops and two, because I've decided, this Choosy Tuesday I should probably work on getting rid of one of the post-its I have on my wonderwall.

I bought my favorite magazine, delicious sugar free maple syrup and some lemons, just to try. In summation, I have the raw ingredients for the hyped and the diet I'm most curious about, the Master Cleanse diet.

If you have tried or thought of dieting, then shame on you if you don't know about the Master Cleanse diet. I am doing this because I am in this competition against a friend and our deadline is on August, and I have not been serious about it all! Oh I would lose! So I thought, it would be great if I attempt being successful with the Master Cleanse diet, by doing so I hit two birds with one stone.

I would be more than happy if you support me with this.

ALTHOUGH, I'd be so much happier to do this for all of you. EHMUHGHED. I'm so going to document this to let you all know whether a Master Cleanse diet is for a typical undisciplined dieter.

Anyway, here's a little inspiration to dance to. Let's put a ring on this (an NBA pun since this year's playoff aka. battle towards the most-coveted ring is just so exciting).


For more real-time updates on how easy or difficult this diet is by following me on my twitter account, link here. I have a hashtag for it, #sexykumi.


  1. Hey good luck on the master cleanse. I blogged about that before. I do wanna try it but I can't find Organic grade b maple syrup though.

  2. goodluck! will try this too, i really need to lose weight


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