Let's do the Funk, Let's do the First Day Funk: Me loves to singa'

Well well well, wasn't last week a blast?
And now, it's another Tuesday that is upon us. (As some of you would know, I am a Tuesday Blogger, which is why an alias for my blog is Tuesy Tuesday)

It's the first day of school for the little and not-so-little tykes. I woke up quite early today (as I've promised myself) and enjoyed a morning jog. It was a super quick jog not because I was tired na mind you, but because I'd be late for work. :) Nonetheless, it was happily capped off by a chicken nuggets feast! I love it! I love chicken, but I'm semi-and-unsurely allergic to it.

Speaking of allergy, ladies and gents of my generation, don't you just feel all nostalgic with this wonderful Warner Bros. cartoon? Allergy to a certain genre of music, oh I think I also semi have that.

I woke up with hopes of having a good day. I refuse to be brought down. Let's singa'! I remember what a really special friend once told me, which I took as a blow but served as an important lesson in time, apparently, "You can't take it against someone else if they don't react the way you hope for them to react to your actions." I think to co-exist with people, we have to accept that as much as we have expectations from each other, what someone else would offer as a response shouldn't be automatically regarded as a disappointing response just because it isn't what we expected it to be.

Our expectations is not a sound basis of disappointment. When people begin to live with impositions, the whole world would theoretically be potential disappointments.


I'm in love with you, I'm in love with you, sing. Thank you Triszh for posting this video on your Facebook. I miss you girly.