Chillin' like a Villain

Hey everyone! Yesterday, June 13, 2010, a glorious Sunday, I met with the Rock and Run: Be My Rockstar contest winners. I made a vlog before conquering the day. It's much better than the pre-meet and greet vlog I made with my Friendly is the New Healthy: Win a White Hat date contest. Again, thank you to contest sponsors Runnr: Defy your limits, through PRC Inc; Maybelline Philippines: Maybe she's born with it, Maybe it's Maybelline; and ZEN Health magazine.

Anyway, just wanted all of you to have a closer look at the earrings I wore. Sunflowers! I love sunflowers!

Because it's been raining lately, I wore this poncho we got from one of our Tagaytay trips. It's really ugly or should I say unfashionable! haha! Luckily though, I got to make it work. Surprisingly really well! I wore this weird disoriented shirt dress underneath it and just wrapped a garterized waist belt over it and voila. With my uncombed tied-up hair, it looked reasonable, nice even... what ya' think?

I was carrying such a big bag with my, really short dress haha! I carried my giveaways, thank you ZEN Health Magazine and Maybelline! You made my rockstars' day.

Not shown in photo, I left the house wearing this brown jewelled Grendha slippers. I ended up buying cutesy rainboots by noon! Uh, I should stay away malls... leave my card at home!

Below is contest winner Vannleih rather happy with her make-up! I told her, it's for everyday use! I mean it! Maybelline make-up's for everyday use! Light and br-easy to use (pun intended) and with the set they got (clear smooth powder, angel lift blush and watershine lipstick), nothing else can spell perfect for everyday, even lazy day, make-up more precisely.

I personally love Maybelline's watershine lipsticks. They're perfect for my lips because the lipstick is super hydrating it serves as a gloss too! It doesn't dry the lips plus it has rich and long-lasting color. Truth is, it is this very line of lipstick which moved me from my teeny-bopper lip balm only phase to a sexy lady-like lipsticks make my look woman.

Hey ladies, hope you enjoy the glam. You are all soooo worth it!

My early birds are Miekay and Vannleih. I teased them about what they were wearing. I was like you guys look cute together. What's your type of music (since I have a theory that fashion is not an expression of the self per se, rather of your playlist!) We ended up talking about sneakers :) They were so good in urging me into getting one! TRIVIA: I don't have sneakers! Sponsors? :)

After all the winners arrived, well except Elaine who's at a review that time, we all went to Runnr Bonifacio High Street and experienced the unique shoe-searching technique one can find only in Runnr. The Footworx Gait analysis System, practically a simple three-step process which converts running shoe-shopping a complete science, analyzes your style of running to guide you in choosing the proper trainers to optimize your training and to conveniently prevents injuries while improving and strengthening one's stride.

The group's youngest was first to try Footworx. Please click the Footworx link for a clear step-by-step description of what one can do and how one can benefit with Runnr's exclusive Gait analysis technology.

While Miekay was running, the rest of the dudettes were given an informative explanation on the importance of determining one's running style. More than safety, serious runners can really benefit with the proper footwear. At Runnr, as it is a specialty store, the thrust is basically towards that. The development and use of various technologies that can provide runners the gear that they need for their hobby or lifestyle.

Please read through the benefits of the Footworx. It's interesting because the consultation is free so by how I see it, if these benefits simply follow making the right choice for footwear, I think it should just be practical and even logical to take advantage of it especially if one is serious in getting in to running.

Uy, clean feet! :) She was asked to run a short while. A video discreetly hidden among the racks records the run and afterward this is analyzed, just like how teams record their games to study each team's play.

Below is a photo of step one. It marks the feet's arc. By doing so one can determine the kind of support one should look for in a shoe.

Rockstar mom, Chelle was next to run for the stars! It was cute how the arc of her feet, as reflected on the scan of her footprints manifested how she unconsciously uses her left foot more often than the right.

After the fun and after registration, it was the last day of Rock and Run registration, it was picture-picture time with the rockstars.

From left to right: Vannleih Solidum, Chelle Hill, Miekay Masigla and Nikki Tuason. Congratulations! Looking forward to a nice and eventful Saturday!

Of course it's time to take a photo with our friends from Runnr. Thank you so much for organizing such a wonderful marathon. The Rock and Run concert-marathon is for the benefit of Republikha Foundation, so it's not just a fun event but it is also for a cause--makes it all the more worth it to participate right?

We're all set!

Fashionable Nikki had to leave earlier (sad) and couldn't join us for Krispy Kremes but it's alright. It was a nice short but sweet bonding opportunity for me to get to know my running rockstars! Miekay, ano na! :D

Looking forward to Saturday and yes, it was such a thrill and pleasure to meet you all. Again, my favorite Japanese word arises...



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