This is Awesome.

I'm planning the Max Brenner date with online friends. Still looking for people who'd want to be part of it. I would appreciate... five or more. :)

Please join me here to be part of it! Leave a message on the wall. ♥


  1. LOL at them jumping shots!

    Happiness is indeed the theme for this year's summer!

  2. Yes sweets. Hopefully, all year round. :)


  3. Kumi:

    to promote and self promote,
    please visit links in my list and nominate up to 15 blogs that do humor,
    or short stories, or cartoon...

    when you nominate others,
    they nominate you back...

    here is the link:

    an award is included already.

  4. When is this Max Brenner thing? is it the one located in Trinoma? Anyway, pag merong date somewhere in greenhills I'll go lol


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