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In my previous blog, I "complained" about not having proper closures in my life. To start my better future, may this blog serve as a punctuation, a key that'll open up a wider and more exciting road ahead. Thank you very much for the memories UP. You and I, we'll always have a mutual understanding, a connection, an it's complicated relationship. You made life complicated, thus making it worth waking up to.

April 25, 2010, I officially graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism, cum laude. With that said, may I just share with all of you the memory--the experience of a goodbye that is actually, literally, a good thing.

I love sunflowers, and every year, the university avenue features a parade of sun-shiny sunflowers to congratulate each graduating batch. I murdered a sunflower, I'm sure I'm not the only person who's guilty of this crime; but yeah, I picked a sunflower--to remember the glorious 25th of April by.

I don't know if this is weird but every time I see sunflowers I actually feel them speak to me. I won't tell you what they say, it's a secret between me and the blossoms, but it's so endearing. Sometimes they sing. How I wish the world can hear.

I embedded the Paramore song Brighter on this blog because it is among my list of COMFORT SONGS. It's heartbreaking yet it's a graceful exit--or at least that's how I imagine the song and that's how the song moves me. I love Brighter because I always feel that way towards special moments and people, including my own experiences and myself.

"If it ends today, well I'll still say that you shine brighter than anyone."

What better song to explain the feeling of graduating than Brighter? College life was a whirlwind and to a certain extent, a whirlpool of emotions. Sometimes I was blown away, sometimes I was flushed down the drain. College life injected me with the drug called LoveForLife and I'm excited, beyond measure, to walk away and put into practice all the things I learned, or thought I've learned so far.

Sunflowers are strong majestic symbols and even representations of how I see life, how I feel for life and how I position myself in contrast to life. Sunflowers are beautiful, seasonal, delicate yet undeniably fierce compared to other soft-spoken blooms. Heck, sunflowers, when they sing, they sing the rock classics; when they talk, they beat the geniuses.

As the month of May moves closer, sunflowers die. Rain will take them away, their strong and thick exterior will wither against the moisture of the air, but they will forever exit strong. The world has no other choice but to wait for their grand return.

But of course, before any exit, one must pack her belongings. I once cooked up this motto, an original Kumiko Mae motto: "Take that one thing, and go. Go, take that one thing." Agree? Yes? (Check out this video. First Elevate. Not the nicest video online but it's a nice memory. Saya na napapadpad ako sa gitna haha!)

I would be lying if I say it didn't strike me as overwhelming to see some of my friends from the UP Pep Squad Drummers. I wish I saw more, I miss so many of them, but nonetheless it was such an honor to have seen them, to have them grace even, the 44th batch of UP Mass Communication graduates.

The beat of the drums serve as light (Speaking of light, why not remember the amazing lights show of the UP Pep Squad Drummers for Elevate 8: Life One Another UP). It leads me back to happiness. It always leads me back to my happiest kind of elation.

I can't wait to intoxicate the world with my wonder. I know, somewhere between my messed up strands is the will and the power to make things happen. I am ready, or I believe that I am, therefore in no time I'm sure I will be, if I'm not yet--ready.

Ready. Set. Go. Tak tak tak tak (Check out this video to learn how to cheer your heart out :) or laugh your heart out, why not?)

(Check out this video. Was wearing my Touch Rugby jersey: 91 because 19 was taken! LOL pinagtumbling pa ko sa simula. The things that drummers do for the love of!)



(Check out this video. This video too! Thank you ABS-CBN and The Filipino Channel!)

Kumiko Mae Yasuda po, 2005-03398. Graduate. UP Mass Com.

(UP PEP SQUAD DRUMMERS. Miss ko na magpractice ng lokohang halftime with you guys! Kembot kembot, yeah. Can you spot me here? Joey, Karyn and I were shown getting ready to groove. haha THE PINK UMBRELLA'S MY UMBRELLA :D haha ITO first halftime in ARANETA! Wow. Awesome feeling.)

PEP. Ikaw na.
Ikaw ang pinakamahalagang nangyari sa Buhay UP ko.


BECAUSE I can't find a decent video of the Araneta game drummer's halftime, Just check this great vid out. Sigaw ka at home ha? Go drummers!


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