Feel Good Weather

I'm glad to see my first ever Nuffnang ad back. It's beanie from Nestle. It's such a thrill and pleasure to see an actual proof of improvement with my blog. I couldn't have done this without inspiration. Thank you.

I feel really delighted because the ad is cute and very chummy. It says "I want to help mankind!" which is so very like me. I want to make the world a better place. So much for saving, I am no heroine, but I do know that I am a kind and a very persuasive person and that among many things, I would really be happy if I can push a good change for the world to make memories with.

Sometimes, I talk to myself. I ask myself things like when I process situations outloud and sometimes I also talk to myself in a sense that I practice conversations in my mind. I'm not sure if it's something that I should be afraid of, so far, I haven't killed someone yet, but I do know that it is a very liberating and not to mention enlightening habit, if I may call it so. When I talk to myself I get to practice honesty which then contributes to how I train myself to master the art of being comfortable in my own skin.

It's really nice, I would recommend it to anyone. I think if there's one thing people should master doing, it's being honest with themselves. It's a great big step. Crazy maybe but a friend of mine told me earlier today, "In this world today, we need crazy." I agree with her.

Summer has officially started. Manila has never been this hot, and evenings have never been this humid. You know it's summer when walking nude is a thought you sometimes entertain and when water dispensers behave like they're busted because the water just ain't cold enough!

There's so much happening when the sun is shining bright and I am only in an effort of making the most of each day it'd rise and set. I feel really happy, I wish I can explain the magnitude of this joy I'm feeling. It's like a supernova awaiting to happen inside of me--only that it doesn't really mean a death (I hope), rather it signals a much-awaited beginning.

However, there's this string holding me back, stopping me from pushing the trigger. I feel like I'm this archer ready to go for the bull's eye, yet not doing so. I feel like I'm an archer targeting an apple placed on top of a very familiar head--mine.

My friends usually hate me for this but I go for instincts than intelligence. I always claim that whatever is natural, it is the very idea or thing that sits closest to truth. Truth is beauty, ancient philosophers say, and I am a woman who loves to chase beautiful things. Life is beautiful and to appreciate beauty is the only life I know.

I'm afraid to trip cause I'm a clutz. I'm a bad runner, hardly graceful and severely uncoordinated. But my entirety feels attracted towards a corner that sometimes seem to be too good to be true, too soon to be real. I don't want to doubt, or live a life clouded by it, but it's weird. It's like I'm playing trust fall, you know the game usually conducted on team buildings where one would entrust his or herself to his or her partner--completely--to the point that he or she would just let go of her body knowing that no matter what, his or her partner would be there to break the fall.

I feel like I'm suspended on a nice colorful hotair balloon, over a thick fog (think UP the movie). I don't know where I am, I don't know where I'm going, and I don't know how to go back. I feel like I can sense a ground, close enough, that I should let go of the string that maintains the proximity of a dream I built and imagined so hard through the years. It's weird. I feel like I'm here, at the place I had hoped I would take pictures of me in, yet there's just no landing area to be found. I'm just hovering, as if I can't ever land.

I feel really happy, that I'm sure of, and it's weird. I feel so happy I think I'm forgetting I might hurt my arm.

I realized I can't stay suspended forever. One way or the other, I'm going to let go. It would take a lot of courage but I'm guessing the Universe would conspire. Probably the wind would take me to where I should be. Like dandelions dancing, prancing, through meadows, to flowers, to granting wishes.

I don't need a long ride. I just want a happy trip, with pictures to develop when I find a place to settle down, or with.

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  1. Let go. I will not just catch you but chase you as well. :)

    I love you.


  2. So that's why you said you'd chase me :)


  3. I love the last picture! I want to post it on my Facebook fanpage Wall! :)

  4. Hi sweets! YAY please do post it! :)

  5. Oh yes! Then let's chase beautiful things. Shall we? :)



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