The well deserved applause.

As mentioned in my LOA blog (though it didn't really feel like I ever had a break haha), I would update all you with the The North Face 100 (TNF 100) event held at Baguio last April 24 and 25. I wasn't there because that weekend was the weekend of my college graduation (the very delayed one, FYI I have been out of college for months now, it's just that the ceremony I'm a part of came too late); but here's an inside scoop on what happened: thank you and please send Lilia Cornelio your warmest hello.

Lilia Cornelio is a confessed jetsetter so if you're also one who aims to walk the different regions of this beautiful world, don't hesitate to befriend my friend. :) Rest assured, she's a breath of fresh air.

Cheers to a great set, go!

Here's to hard work.

Here's to defeating your fears.

Here's to reaping what is yours to keep.

Know the story that was revealed way up north, high enough to kiss the clouds... to dance with the stars.


Let me know, what has been your most memorable "conquered-challenge"? Be an inspiration.