Not only does Milk remind me of a very personal movie (note: I just read from a friend's thesis this line, "Personal doesn't really mean it happened to you. It means you relate to it.") but also it's yummy, it's an ingredient for all those yummy baked goodies AND milk is good for the skin!

Before, I used to play around with milk. Below is a photo of me foolishly wasting a rich concoction: ice cold milk and heavy cream mix. It felt so relaxing! If you haven't tried it yet, you should! It's kind of expensive--because it's so wasteful--but sometimes it's really just so enjoyable to play with food.

Especially when it makes your skin super soft and supple.

But I do understand that it's not affordable that's why I'm just so glad to share with you two good finds that are REALLY going to save your skin.

Mineral Flowers

Mineral Flowers is one of the few newest skin-glorifying treats that came aboard the Philippine beauty industry. Originally a skin care line from the holy land of Israel, Mineral Flowers had the world on it's loving shade starting in Europe, thriving in US and selling like pancakes in Japan.

Because of its success in Japan, it is unsurprising that it also is a big success here in the Philippines.

Mineral Flowers is perfect for Asian skin because it sets on the table the balancing factor most needed by Asian skin, due to our very humid and hot weather. The people behind Mineral Flowers always say, "Let's flower the world!" and who's to say no? Flowers are delicate works of art that only nature could completely give birth to. Fortunately, with Mineral Flowers, since it is made almost entirely of natural ingredients, highly concentrated mineral water and of course, the essence of flowers, we get to be works of art too, in our own little, gentle, simple ways.

You should try their light-weight water based Body Butter. It's divine. I can't get over how great it is to the skin! It isn't sticky too so I am just in love with it. Other than the Body Butter, Try the Body Milk (since this post is all about milk right, the body milk has goat's milk as one of its main ingredients). It fulfills its promise almost as efficiently as the body butter--though compared to the body butter, the body milk could only come as second.

Goat's Milk
And like I said, going for a literal milk bath would be too expensive, you should head out to ECHO Store at The Podium and witness the wonders of goat's milk on the skin.

Let the creamy scent ease your senses as you shower even.

Life is wonderful when you know how to go back to basics.


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