NCLA Luxury Nails for Filipina Fashionistas

Hello Sunshine! When worlds collide, there's usually a beautiful spark that comes after the inevitable explosion. Hence is the impressive lineup of beauty meets fashion meets luxury nail polishes by NCLA, aka Nail Couture Los Angeles*. This 100% Southern California brews of unique and runway ready nail products spring from the inspiring sunny coast of California, Hollywood, and everything fashion. Dashing and daring, NCLA is wooing the hearts of stylish Pinays as it lands the tropical shores of the Philippines to share what luxury nails is all about.
I, am just a humble Filipina beauty blogger, quietly dipping her nails on Philippine beauty trends, when I got into this scoop. Naturally, I rose anew with pretty tips after I got introduced to NCLA brand at its launch at Nail and Co salon in BGC.

NCLA polishes pride itself of 5-free products that are also not tested on animals! Now, that is guilt-free nail pampering. Their color selection is perfect for every personality too. At the event, I was joined by Sabs of, who opted for a creamy coral paint for her nails to match her always fresh and feminine personality; Julia of, who chose a pastel nude to pair with her gentle innocence; and Shen of, who vamped it up with fierce hues to complement her ever-so-fierce attitude. For me, I went all out on sparkles and glitter--nothing surprising about that ending!

A week after the NCLA launch and my pretty nails were still intact! That's a lot because I have a nasty habit of picking on my nails. Also, I do wet chores too so I expect my nail polish to always chip sooner than expected. However, my NCLA nails stayed put and had so much color to still give. In fact, for the first time in a long while, I had to remove my polish to replace it with new ones (normally they'd be long gone by the time I'd want a nail update).

Of course, after such an impressive mark, I swiped on some more NCLA loving on my fingertips. I also decided to wear nail wraps, by NCLA still, for kicks. Here's the result--a prettier than sunshine nail design that brings the cool to my hands. Mind you, I have no expertise in applying nail art; but just check out what I got to do. It's so empowering to be able to do such fantastic job on my nails on my own!

What do you think?

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